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The World Travel Awards, or the ‘Oscars of the travel industry’, how the Wall Street Journal calls the event, are awards which consist of promoting excellence in the travel industry with trophies awarded in all areas of the industry and all over the world. Since its first edition, in 1993 in Hollywood, this celebration has been a very comprehensive event in the global travel industry, it is a trademark of excellence. Afterwards, it was held in famous travel areas like New York, Las Vegas, The Bahamas, London or Jamaica.
The World Travel Awards, which will take place the day before World Travel Market, has already made public its nominees for the World Ceremony and this way, travel professionals have the opportunity to vote the best from the world travel industry.

World Travel Awards Winner
World Travel Awards Winner
This year, in 2009, there has been a record-breaking, that is 16,000 travel professionals who have already registered and voted, whose number amounted to 183,000 since the last past four months. The regional World Travel Awards 2009 winners have automatically been put forward as nominees for the WTA finals. There are 92 categories registered for this competition and the winners will be announced on 8 November at the Grosvenor House in London. In 2008, Grand Tour was bigger than ever because it included the Green Awards and South America Awards. 2009 will see the World Travel Awards land in 7 hubs of travel like UAE, South Africa, Singapore, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico and Jamaica. For Travel Awards 2011, please visit World Travel Awards 2011 Winners.
The World Travel Awards
The World Travel Awards

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