World’s Top Night Markets

Traveling from Asia to Europe or to USA is not a problem anymore, especially when you can book affordable flights. For instance, you can easily flight to San Francisco by US Airways in order to see some of the most beautiful night markets in the world. This is a definetely memorable experience because you will see that all the fuss created during day is more extraordinary to perceive at night.
In San Francisco, for example, people can attend after an online registration a night market, which looks more like a party where people enjoy the tasty dishes and talk. If you are a shopping fan, then when you first visit Bangkok go to the Ratchaada Night Bazar, right next to the Ratchadapisek metro station, where a lot of merchants try selling their goods quite cheap. Food and shopping go together, especially in Thailand at Chiang Mai Night Bazar. Street entertainment, cafes, stalls, all are crowded of people who come to enjoy a Thai night. Local dishes, coming from India, Holland, Spain are all available in the historical night market in Melbourne, called Suzuki night Market, an open air place, which welcomes its visitors annually from November through February. Another Night Market worth visiting is Yamashiro Farmers’ Market in Los Angeles. A rather younger tradition, Yamashiro Farmers’ Market takes place every Thursday on Hollywood Hills. An inside tip is – go and taste duck confit or chicken satay tacos.

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