Winter in Europe

Post written by Kate Robinson
My favourite time of the year to travel is the winter. I think it gets to that stage when I have had enough of the cold weather, and I just need to get away for a break. Normally I am not too fussy about the destination – a change of scenery does the trick. However, I do like the south of Spain or Italy as the temperatures are mild and there are fewer tourists at this time of the year. It is always easy to find last minute flights online and airlines are usually trying to sell off flights for January and February, the two quietest months of the year. If you would like to travel within Europe you are also at an advantage. Low cost airlines such as easyJet, Ryanair and Vueling are just some of the most popular carriers which offer routes between destinations in Europe. The cost of flights is generally lower than those of standard airlines and they are usually even cheaper during these months. I personally prefer easyJet out of all the low cost airlines, because it flies to the main airports of cities. (Ryanair normally flies to secondary airports). If you are flying long-haul I should expect that you will also find some travel deals for this period.

One thing to remember is that the low-season lasts from January until the start or mid-March in Europe. If you aren’t worried about the weather and are more interested in sightseeing, this is the perfect time of the year to go. Accommodation is usually much cheaper, so you could perhaps afford to stay somewhere nicer than you would normally. Tourist attractions also have low-season rates and restaurant waiters will be standing on the streets trying to lure you in by offering a better deal than the one beside it. In my opinion the best thing about travelling at this time of the year is that you won’t find hordes of tourists, which will make sightseeing more pleasant.

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  1. Pierre Dowing says:

    Speaking of Ryanair, I recently found out about a pretty serious expansion where the company will set up as many as 35 new routes, bringing their total to 112. The numbers, I got from here:, and was wondering whther or not you knew whether this is in fact, true. Just seems a bit drastic of an expansion given the current economic conditions. But definitely glad to hear about the ski routes, but as a skier, I could be biased. Not sure whether the economic gains will cover this portion of the expansion.

    Anyway, appreciate the post!

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