Which Airline to Choose?

Post written by Kate Robinson.
I was recently looking for long-haul flights to Buenos Aires and I started to get confused. There are so many different airlines to choose from and some of which I have never heard of before. Perhaps this has happened to you too so here is my experience. I started by using an online travel agency which allows you to put in a search criteria, for example, the departure city, arrival city, travel dates etc. and it brings up a list of the best options. I thought this would be the best way of finding out which airlines actually fly to Buenos Aires as I had no idea. When the search was complete I got a list of the top airlines for my route. Aerolineas Argentinas, Tam Airlines, Iberia……..the list goes.
Aerolineas Argentinas was slightly cheaper than the others, but I was weary of booking because I had never heard of the company before. However, on the same website I managed to find airline reviews. By clicking on the name of the airline you can read up on other travellers’ experiences. I suppose airline reviews are a kind of questionnaire which other customers have completed by rating everything from check-in to landing and baggage retrieval. I read quite a lot of bad reports about Aerolineas Argentinas.

Most customers highlighted its lack of punctuality and poor in-flight service. TAM got better feedback – a few reports of delayed flights but excellent comments on the in-flight service. So I decided to book with this company. It wasn’t much more expensive. If you need help deciding which company to fly with, read airline reviews. Once you have decided which company to fly with, you should also check the price of the tickets on the official website. If they are the same price or cheaper it is better to book directly with the company to avoid paying administration fees with other online travel agencies.

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