Wave Pool Summerland – Madness in Tokyo

Japan is a very crowded country, so there is a very high possibility for people of almost same ages have the same interests, for instance Tokyo Summerland in Tokyo, a wave pool that led to a real madness among Japanese. A wave pool is something many of us want to try, but when it comes to Tokyo Summerland Wave pool, things change a little bit. Here there is no space around you, you find yourself in an ocean … of people! Not of water, as it is normal, but surrounded by many other persons enjoying the artificial waves produces in Tokyo Summerland Wave pool. Summerland pool is actually seen as no pool from above, but only as a piece of land. As funny as it may see, the video below presents the real madness and insanity to which Tokyo Summerland Wave Pool led!

Summerland Wave Pool Madness in Tokyo - Source lat34.com
Summerland Wave Pool Madness in Tokyo – Source lat34.com

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