Visiting CineAqua, the Greatest Aquarium in Paris

Whether you are still a child or not, you must go to CineAqua in Paris. The Paris Aquarium welcomes its visitors everyday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Is is situated in the Trocadero Square, at only 5 minutes walking distance from the Eiffel Tower. Just cross the bridge in from of the Tower, and head towards Trocadero. On the left side you will see CineAqua Paris. Tickets are not very expensive, however, it is worth mentioning this sightseeing in the list of the Paris top sightseeings. Take your time and enjoy the unique moments CineAqua offers for its visitors. You only have to pay an entrance fee - 19.50 €/adult, children under 3 years don’t have to pay a ticket, 3-12 years children will pay 12.50 € in exchange for the ticket and those between 13-17 years old will also be given a discount and will pay only 15.50 €/ticket. If you are a student, then you will benefit from a discount, too, because you will only need to pay a 15.50 € entrance fee ticket. Senior citizens, who are at least 60, and unemployed will have to pay a discounted ticket – 15.50 €. You will have a greater advantage if you buy an annual pass – only 59 € for adults, 46 € for children and 38 € for young people (13-17 years and students).

A Visit at Cine Aqua Paris
A Visit at Cine Aqua Paris

All these entrance fees enable you to enjoy everything at Paris Aquarium Cinéaqua. However, there are some online offers available – you should check them in advance! But, you have to print them and bring them with you at the entrance desk. A 4 person pass at only 49€ or if you want to visit CineAqua Paris during the week, then you will benefit from a 20% discount.
Cine Aqua Paris - Source
Cine Aqua Paris – Source

During your tour you will discover 43 aquariums, over 10 000 fish and invertebrates, including 25 sharks, a touch pool, 2 cinemas, various spectacles and informative talks giving you and your family a magical day. CineAqua is a special cinema because you will also find very many new things about the underwater world – short cinema films, produced by National Geographic, will take you into the beautiful world of small and greatest species of fish. If you want to have a rest, then try one of the restaurants inside CineAqua – Ozu and Zen Cafe.
CineAqua - Aquarium in Paris
CineAqua – Aquarium in Paris

CineAqua - Paris 2011
CineAqua – Paris 2011

Fish at CineAqua, Paris - Source
Fish at CineAqua, Paris – Source

Main Entrance at CineAqua, Paris - Source
Main Entrance at CineAqua, Paris – Source

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