Visiting Chernobyl

Cernobyl is still a fresh name in many people’s minds because the it was considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, which took place on 26 April 1986 in the Ukrainian SSR, present Ukraine. The Cernobyl disaster draws every year many tourists in the area, curious of what happened about 25 years ago, in exchange for a rather expensive ticket, paying a 122 euro entrance fee. According to the latest statistics, the city of Cernobyl has been visited by around 7500 visitors till now. The radiation level is 35 times higher than usual. Before entering the “attraction“, visitors must fill in a form in which they promise to stick to the rules, concerning prevention of contamination – they are advised not to eat, smoke inside, touch anything, sit down or leave down their personal belongings. Sicne the day of the Cernobyl nuclear power plant catastrophe, the city in the neighborhood, Pripyat, is also a touristic attraction, because this was the first city evacuated in the following day after the nuclear accident.

Cernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
Cernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster

Effects of Cernobyl Disaster
Effects of Cernobyl Disaster

The City of Cernobyl - 26 April 1986
The City of Cernobyl – 26 April 1986

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