Vienna Christmas Market

Before Christmas, there are very many markets in the world – Innsbruck, Salzburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Berlin, Stuttgart, London, Bologna, Levico, Bolzano, Brixen, Brunek, that sell all sorts of items for potential gifts. The mixture of all the elements such as crisp winter air, snow, tasteful lighting, steaming mugs of mulled wine turn the shopping session into an exciting experience one shouldn’t miss. Vienna Christmas Market (German: Weihnachtsmarkt or Christkindlmarkt) begins every year in November, around the 15th, and lasts until Christmas. During these days, Vienna is the city of celebration, full of traditional Christmas markets. The cold air of winter is filled with lots of warm scents and a celebration atmosphere that makes visitors live like in a dream. It is better to go there during evening. The wide range of gifts are from carved flowers made of soap, Victorian-style candy to sculpted candles.
The capital of Austria is all round tinged with magic. Basically, this market is a collection of wooden stalls on a square or open space during the weeks leading up to December 24th. These little shops can be found at almost any corner of the street. This year (2009), the market will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from 15 November through 23 December, and until 5 p.m. on 24 December (Christmas Eve).

They sell all kinds of Christmas presents, food, wooden tree ornaments, handmade objects such as toys, decorations, jewelry, delicacies and most of all, “Glühwein”, a heated sweetened wine. The huge Christmas trees are the attraction for tourists who shouldn’t miss taking photos. The Vienna Market offers the possibility to buy some Christmas decorations and delicacies of the Austrian gastronomy. The memorable scents of cotton candy, roasted chestnuts and candies are everywhere in the air, reminding of the beautiful upcoming religious celebration.
Besides the four main Christmas Markets – Schonbrunn, Spittberg, Town Hall and Belvedere, Vienna has also other tempting places to visit such as age-old cafes offer tempting pit-stops between present-hunting, the traditional Viennese Christmas market on Freyung and Am Hof and in front of the church of St. Charles Borromeo (Karlskirche).

Christmas Market Decorations
Christmas Market Decorations
Christmas carols and gospels can be heard everywhere and they are sung by choirs, brass bands and groups from all over the world on the stage in front of the Christmas tree. This time of the year represents a real opportunity for German literature fans. Humorous, droll and bizarre stories about the Christ child and Santa Claus can be heard every Monday and Wednesday. The biggest Christmas Market in Vienna is in front of Vienna City Hall (Rathaus) and at the Spittelberg, where there are the most commercial places. There takes place the classical winter market. The joyful atmosphere is everywhere around – the “Kasperl tree”, the “Herzerlbaum” (Hearts tree) and the “Post office in the clouds” are some of the top attractions in this market. The little stalls make a miniature yuletide town and the park nearby (Rathauspark) is full of attractions during winter time – such as pony-riding, trips on the Christkindl Express and fairytale scenes portrayed in artistically-arranged displays.

Below there is a list of most important Christmas Markets in Vienna you shouldn’t miss.
Vienna Christmas Market at Schonbrunn:
This year, the Christmas Market at Schonbrunn opens for the 16th time. And from 21st of November until 26th of December, the stalls are placed all over the main forecourt, together with an impressive Christmas tree, and you can also enjoy the unique show by going to the museum or to the Zoo in the neighbourhood and everything in the scent of mulled wine and ginger bread. Moreover, visitors will be helped by confectioners to decorate the Christmas sweets at the Schoenbrunn Imperial Bakery in Café Restaurant Residenz. Moreover, there are many entertaining places both for youngsters and grown-ups. Many events and concerts take place during the Christmas Market.

Vienna Christmas Market at Spittelberg:
This district should not be missed because in this market both traditional and original handicraft is sold on narrow granitstone paved alleyways, niches and courtyards. This bazaar lines the streets of this pretty district and it doesn’t focus on public spaces. The main target for the items sold here are adults. The Spittelberg district has plenty of its own diversions, as it’s currently in the throes of an arty Renaissance.

Vienna Christmas Market at Belvedere:
The Belvedere Palace and Gardens offer a magical view over Vienna during Christmas time but children are most impressed by the preparations in December. The old-fashioned carousel joins the wooden stalls, and there are more presents to be perused inside the palace – this is one of the world’s finest museums of Austrian art, with Klimt galore.

Vienna Christmas Market 2009 Program:
21.11.2009 – 26.12.2009
Christmas Market Schönbrunn Palace
Open every day from 10.00 to 21.00,
24.12. from 10.00 to 16.00
25.&26.12 from 10.00 to 18.00

Close to Schönbrunn Palace this Christmas Market offers a magic atmosphere.
Children and young visitors can play interative games or cook biscuits in Café Restaurant Residenz.
14.11.2009 – 21.12.2009
Christmas Market Spittelberg
From Monday to Friday:
from 14.00 to 21.00
Saturday & Sunday:
from 10.00 to 21.00

In this lovely historical quarter both traditional and original handicraft are sold on narrow granitstone paved alleyways, niches and courtyards. It’s Vienna’s most authentic Christmas market.
20.11.2009 – 23.12.2009
Christmas Market Baroque Belvedere Palace
Daily from 11.00 to 17.00
24.12 from 11.00 to 15.00

Visit one of Europe’s most beautiful baroque palaces. With the world’s largest collection of Gustav KLIMT’s works and complete your tour with a visit to the enchanting Christmas market.
18.12.2009 – 24.12.2009
Christmas Market Maria-Theresien-Platz
daily from 10.00 to 22.00
24.12 from 11.00 to 15.00

The Christmas Village at the beautiful park between the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. Indulge in hours of “a real Viennese Christmas”
14.11.2009 – 23.12.2009
Christmas Village at former AKH
14.11.2009 – 24.12.2009
Mercatino di Natale Viennese Rathausplatz

For CHILDREN, there is also a special program during Vienna Christmas Market, that is workshops which are situated in the Town Hall, in the big hall (Volkshalle), where the little ones can make their own presents for
the relatives.
14.11.2009 – 24.12.2009
Advent Fairytale in Vienna
Vienna City Hall.
from Sunday to Thursday:
from 9.00 to 21.00
Friday & Saturday:
from 9.00 to 22.00
24.12: from 9.00 to 17.00
14.11.2009 – 23.12.2009
Christmas Workshop
Daily from 9.00 to 19.00
24.12 from 9.00 to 17.00

Christmas in Vienna
Christmas in Vienna

Christmas Market in Vienna
Christmas Market in Vienna

Town Hall in Vienna Christmas Market
Town Hall in Vienna Christmas Market

Vienna Christmas Market (Wiener Christkindlmarkt)
Vienna Christmas Market (Wiener Christkindlmarkt)

Vienna Christmas Market decorations
Vienna Christmas Market decorations

Vienna Christmas Market Sweets
Vienna Christmas Market Sweets

Vienna Christmas Market
Vienna Christmas Market

Winter Market in Vienna
Winter Market in Vienna

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