Vasco da Gama – Europe’s Longest Bridge

If you are in search of the perfect getaway for your next summer vacation, you might find that Portugal, the European popular destination, has more than imagined to offer. No matter where you travel from, book an international flight and take advantage of some very good ticket offers and fly to Lisbon. Here, you will be completely amazed by everything! From weather, to people, cuisine and … some wow facts, such as Vasco da Gama – the longest bridge in Europe. The famous bridge is built using cables technology, linking Lisbon from the rest of the continent. It is 17,8 km long, transverses the River Tagus in Portugal, being the second crossing built across the river.

The bridge was built rather quickly, from 1995 until 1998 when it opened it gates. The central span of 420m and side spans of 203m, together with the 150 m height, make Vasco da Gama bridge in Portugal an amazing sightseeing, drawing millions of tourists every year. The consequences of building this bridge were positive for the local transportation system which became lighter and lighter. As supposed, Vasco da Gama bridge cost as much as it worths today – about €897m ($1,285m) and was financed by the private sector, where the EU contributed €319m. So you have nothing left then taking the next flight and go to Lisbon and enjoy the marvellous sightseeing from the longest bridge in Europe.

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