Vanishing Maldives

Maldives is one popular destination, the smallest Asian country, with a very idyllic landscape – clear waters, white sand, houses on water. However, this paradise is in danger because of the effects of global warming. Maldives is in real danger because of the entire surface of 90,000 sq km, only 300 sq km are land. Moreover, most part of the islands aren’t higher than 1,2 m. During the last tsunami in Maldives, dozens of inhabited islands were simply vanished away. The highest point of Maldives is situated on Addu Atoll and it is 2,4 m high. According to the latest research, the Maldives is thought to disappear in about 10 years from now. The rising of the sea level is alarming, and it is believed that in the year 2100 the level will rise at about 59 cm. In this respect, President Mohamed Nasheed announced his plan to acquire land in India, Sri Lanka, in order to avoid the tragic consequences of global warming in Maldives.

Vanishing Maldives - Source
Vanishing Maldives – Source

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