Unusual Must-See in London

As the capital city of England, there are plenty of thrilling and fascinating things to see in London. Amongst London’s luxury hotels stand top attractions; Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and the London Eye. There are however, exceptional sights to be seen away from the tourist traps and a different side of London to be discovered:
The world’s smallest police station
Created from a hollow lamp-post, the world’s smallest police station is situated in the south-east corner of Trafalgar Square. The station was set up in 1926 in this area due to its reputation of being a popular protest site. From the station, those on duty had a direct line to Scotland Yard.
Jeremy Bentham’s corpse
Jeremy Bentham was a Victoria reformer whose last wish (in his will) was that his skeleton be preserved and put on display wearing his everyday clothes and resting on his personal chair. The figure today can be found at University College London. It has been said that Bentham still attends today college council meetings – he is listed in the minutes as “present but not voting”.
London Wall
Built by the Romans around AD 43, the London Wall defined the boundaries of the City of London. All that remains of the wall today are a few fragments that can be found in the grounds of the Museum of London. The largest remaining fragment of the wall is situated outside Tower Hill tube station which is within walking distance of the Tower of London.
The Old Operating Theatre
Re-discovered in 1957, the Old Operating Theatre is located in a hidden garret of St Thomas’s church in Southwark. This is believed to be the oldest surviving operating theatre in the United Kingdom, dating back to 1822. Not for the faint hearted, the theatre is home to some frightening primitive operating equipment!
Survivors of the Great Fire
Tucked away in a quiet street by the side of West Smithfield, stand two buildings that survived the Great Fire of London back in 1666. Due to them being enclosed by the priory wall, numbers 41 and 42 of Cloth Fair still stand today and date back to 1600.

This post has been written by travel blogger Rebecca Kelly of Simonseeks.com.

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