Tulips Season in Holland

If you plan to travel to Amsterdam this year, May is the perfect month of the year because you can enjoy outstanding views and landscapes, which are not possible to see in the rest of the year. Book a cheap flight and go to Amsterdam. Although the tulip time in Holland starts in March with crocuses, the peak of this flowers festival is in the early days of May. Flights to Amsterdam make your journey a paradisiac memory – special tours from Amsterdam are organized daily for tourists, who want to stroll along the tulips park near Holland’s capital, between the towns of Haarlem in the province of Noord-Holland (North Holland) and Sassenheim, just north of Leiden. Even if you don’t have the chance to enjoy tulip time, this does not mean that you missed this great chance. All spring and summer season, flowers are in bloom. I recommend it’s better to spend at least three hours in the Keukenhof Gardens and about two hours for a bike ride.
This year, the tulip festival in Holland begins on the 5th of May and ends on the 12th day. This scent-full event welcomes its visitors with live performances. The tickets can be bought also online, and the entrance fee is € 14,50 per person for adults and 65+. If you want to come by car, then the fee for the car alone is € 6,00. An important souvenir is the Park Guide, in exchange for which you have to pay only € 4.00, but you will find out valuable infos about the park and the annual events.

Tulip Time Festival in Holland - Source windmillsandtulips.com
Tulip Time Festival in Holland – Source windmillsandtulips.com

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