Tropical Island Paradise – The Floating Island Yacht

To own a yacht is nowadays living a luxurious life, being independent, comfort. Starting from these premises, the company Yacht Island Design has considered bringing the luxury of a yacht on an island or … viceversa, planning to create Tropical Island Paradise, a tropical island, which will be mounted on a 90 m long yacht. This sounds very exquisite and unique in the world, as well as the spacecraft hotel, however affordable most of all for millionaire and many other means of transportation of the future.
The Tropical Island Paradise Yacht includes 6 bungalows for you and the comfort of your friends, all surrounding a huge swimming-pool with glass walls. And this is not everything. If you head toward the centre of the Tropical Island Paradise yacht, you will notice a volcano inside which the apartment of the yacht owner is situated, let alone the fact that all the guests are accommodated on this floating island in the apartments surrounding the central one.
Passengers will spend their time relaxing on Tropical Island Paradise yacht on a terrace under which there are floating platforms, on which guests can go for a walk. However, this remains only a plan for the Brittish people because they have not decided yet on what the type of the engine would be.
The Tropical Island Paradise Yacht project resembles very much to The Streets of Monaco yacht, which includes the main attractions of Monaco - Hotel de Paris, Casino, The Palace of the Prince, The Loews Hotel, Hercule Harbour and La Rascasse.

Tropical Island Paradise - The Floating Island Yacht - Source
Tropical Island Paradise – The Floating Island Yacht – Source

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