Traveling to Barcelona

Traveling to Barcelona is a unique experience because some may say, Barcelona is not Spain. However, they might be right. The reason why I chose this destination is the wide range of possibilities for spending time this incredible city offers. First of all, I planned my journey in advance, having in mind the idea of cheap holidays as traveling on a budget is very important nowadays. So, after booking my trip I started carefully planning all the activities I had in my mind regarding the few days I was to spend there. The top on my list was the famous boulevard Las Ramblas, a mixture of colours, smells, art and fun.Everywhere you looked you could see gifted actors performing right in the street, some trying to stand like a statue, others trying to resemble famous actors from Hollywood.

Leaving this place, I headed to the beach, which started right at one end of Las Ramblas. Shopping is another important activity for travelers to Barcelona but not only because you find shopping galleries almost everywhere and famous brands names, offering huge discounts during sales season. Another pretty thing to do is the short trip by the Funicular from Montjuic, a cable wagon, pulled upwards and downwards, a very short journey, but however, a memorable one. Another thing you should not miss is the Triumph Arch, it is advisable to see it at night, because it is beautifully lit.

Transportation was not an issue for me because using a transportation pass made things cheaper in Barcelona. Another thing, don’t miss Gaudi’s House, right in the center of Barcelona, an original building built by Gaudi. Sagrada Familia is another key sightseeing in Barcelona. There are hundreds of tourists everyday standing in the queue trying to visit this huge basilica. The weather in Barcelona is fine most of the year, so don’t postpone traveling to this extraordinary city because you’ll never forget the amazing facts and things you’ll see and learn about!

Gaudi's House, Barcelona - Source

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