Tourism in Turkey – an European and Asian Interference

Turkey – a country of cosmopolitan life and tradition, a place where you can enjoy very special moments, where local customs intermingle with touristic air, where the Turkish people welcome its guests in a unique way, and what’s more, a relatively small country on two continents, mystery, colours, taste, smells, oriental spirit, all mix in Turkey. Let alone the fact that history let its footprints on the archaeological sightseeing. To cut it short, Turkey is the land which deserves to be visited, you know, it’s among the best places you must see before you die!
Weather, geographical display, with beaches, mountains, valleys, rivers, all will make your next holiday a definetly unforgettable moment. Climate is always friendly here – some say, “bad weather weather never finds its place in Turkey”. If you are in search of a country resembling Turkey, well this will be almost impossible because historical influences, such as romanic, byzanthune or ottoman are a very rare thing anywhere else in the world.
The European and the Asian sides are delimited by the Istanbul Bogazi (Bosphorus), the Sea of Marmara and Dardanelles. If you are in search of very tasty food, then Turkey is the right place for you! It is counted as the third greatest cuisine in the world. And in addition, the warm welcome from the turkish people will make your heart feel very delighted.
Moreover, customs and traditions are like religion here, so try obeying it as much as possible. Respect is one of the fundamental beliefs of the turkish people.

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