Tour de France 2011

Tour de France has become an extremly popular sport event in the world. This is because every year there are very many locals and tourists, sports enthusiasts or not, who do their best, book their flight in order to watch this French event. This year, the grand Tour de France, which is already at its 98th edition, will start on the 2nd of July at Passage du Gois, in the Vendée. The route is Island of Noirmoutier, Britanny, Normandy, the Loire Valley, the Centre, Auvergne and the Midi Pyrenees heading then to the Northern part of the country. The race in Alps will have its end in Paris, after 3,471 km on the Champs Elysées boulevard. There will be very many televisions broadcasting live the extraordinary event taking place in France because the Tour de France is a sport competition enjoyed by everyone. The teams and the so-called “caravans” will also be part of the event. The enthusiast people watching Tour de France will get free promotional items, along with sweets or mini-pretzels. However, the prizes are consistent, too. The winner of the general individual classification will win no more than 450,000 euros out of the total 3.2 million euros.

It is incredible to believe that more than 200 cyclists will compete in 21 stages, all throughout France. The 18th stage of Tour de France will take place in Col du Galibier, which was first climbed at the beginning of the last century. Don’t forget to take photos, and be quick because they will pass by in just one second! Traveling to France has become affordable now for everyone, due to the wide range of cheap flights available.

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