Top Sport Vacation Destinations in the World

Why not mix your traveling plans with some workout you can do when you take a break from shopping, sunbathing or why not, sleeping? It is something brand new for you, refreshing and unique! Fitness vacation is an option for more and more tourists because toning up or slimming down, although tiring, they are very accessible for sport enthusiasts and not only. Discover the wild landscapes of Africa or the Caribbean beaches, while running along the shore. You can find below a list of the top fitness destinations to choose from. And all for one thing – a hot new, sexy body! Yoga, pilates, diets, aerobics aren’t something difficult to benefit from, the results will be amazing.
1. Alsace, France – If you like riding the bicycle, the you definitely should head to the Alsace region in France. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can borrow your bicycle there. The routes are very well defined, so you can enjoy better the beautiful landscapes of Vosges Mountains.

Fitness Vacations
Fitness Vacations
2. At SeaCrystal Cruises mixes usual cruises with welness facilities. You can attend yoga or Pilates classes or maybe state-of-the-art gym, all along the open-air Promenade Deck. Moreover, food is perfect for those keeping a diet, because is adequate for each of the travelers.
3. Hua Hin, Thailand – Thailand’s Chiva Som fitness vacation retreat in Hua Hin is the perfect destination for you if you want to keep fit or even lose weight. You can choose from a wide range of facilities, such as 3-night spa, fitness, and physiotherapy program for 4 weeks. It is advisable to keep one of the Asian spa cuisine diets or attend one of the aerobics, biking, and yoga classes.
4. Tulum, Mexico – Combo of body-sculpting classes, lower-ab sessions, bike and kayak excursions, Pilates, and yoga – this is all you need when you choose to go to Bikini Bootcamp. In addition, food will make your more energic and why not, in the end, relaxed. After all these, you can definetly enjoy the white-sand beaches and the crystal-blue Caribbean Sea.
5. Hawaii – Keeping fit with cardio workouts is not something difficult to do, because paddling against the surf is the ideal way to lose weight rapidly and also become more and more confident. SwellWomen, a surf and yoga outfitter on Maui’s Kaanapali Beach, provides healthy, action-packed vacations geared towards women (though they do host coed retreats, too), complete with surf lessons, yoga classes, nutritious meals, and accommodations.

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