Top Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a very romantic celebration all around the world. Therefore, the following guide highlights the most special destinations for romantic travellersLas Vegas, Paris, Seychelles are just some of the most attractive places to spend this holiday of February, 14th. Montego Bay, Jamaica is the heating resort for your relationship. You can enjoy the sunset together with your beloved one along the clear water. Las Vegas is a very attractive destinations when it comes to celebrations and parties. Chapel, a hotel break in glitzy Las Vegas is sure to light up Valentine’s Day. However, a cool Valentine’s Day celebration is also welcome – for instance, in Sweden, in a two-persons igloo.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas
The reindeer blankets can make you feel warm in your igloo at the Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel in the Swedish Arctic Circle. New York City, both crowded and attractive, is one of the best choices to have a special dinner, without forgetting to book in advance. Heading North, towards Montreal, Canada, you will find that this city is full of historical atmosphere. Don’t forget your ice skates and go to Le 1000 De La Gauchetière.

Laguna Beach sound great but don’t expect to find a very warm place here. However, you and your lover will have the extraordinary chance to celebrate your love in a rather intimate atmosphere, as it is not very crowded during winter. Why not go skiing on this occasion, for example, in Stowe? The breathtaking scenery will be a bonus offered as a present for both of you. Moreover, a soak in the hot tub at the end of a fun-filled day is the icing on the heart-shaped cake. Europe is also a diverse continent when it comes to love and celebrating it. You can go for long walks in one of the most romantic capitals in the world – Paris – steal a kiss on Pont Royal, climb Montmartre‘s steps at sundown or go on a cruise during twilight in Bateau-Mouche along the Seine. Kiss under Venice’s Bridge of Sighs. Built on water, this romantic city seduces with tangled lanes that lead to the Byzantine basilica rising above St Mark’s Square.

Dance a tango in Buenos Aires, too. Why not choose a spa city, such as Bath, that means romantic walks around the Georgian Royal Crescent. Then drink a glass of champagne in the opulent, chandelier-lit Pump Room. Kerala’s backwaters are also attractive for spending these romantic moments. Lush coconut groves and rice paddies slide into view as you cruise the Kerala backwaters, southern India‘s 900-kilometre web of lagoons and canals. Go to Fes, Morocco, where the labyrinthine medina captivates with its spice-laden souks and centuries-old workshops. Maybe skiing is not a very romantic activity, but practiced together with your beloved one, may make you feel better. Whether you are a professional or not, Banff, Alberta is a proper destination for winter holiday-makers. The Rocky Mountains as your backdrop you can watch the action, without actually breaking into a sweat. A trip to Savannah is a full of history journey for Valentine’s day. If you are in search of a hot and sunny holiday, then go to Seychelles, not a very common but outstanding destination. For seclusion, book a hotel on boulder-speckled La Digue or coral-rimmed Denis Island.

Santa Fe, Mexico is a unique place, where you can revew your vows due to the many churches one can find there. In Grasse, Provence, roses and jasmine bloom, so you can create a signature perfume for your loved one. Flagstaff in Arizona is the exception from the rule that Arizona is equal to desert. Pack your winter gear and get ready explore the great outdoors. You can choose from a wide range of dining varieties. In addition, those in search of a sunny destination for this romantic celebration can head to Key West, Florida, where long walks hand in hand watching the clear water under the palm trees makes this day a memorable one, definetly!

Laguna Beach - Valentine's Day
Laguna Beach – Valentine

Romantic holiday in Banff
Romantic holiday in Banff

Spending Valentine's Day in Fes Medina
Spending Valentine

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