Top 5 Things to Research Before You Book Your Holiday

Holidays are supposed to be all about relaxing, forgetting about the real world and making sure that you get some much needed ‘me time’. Therefore, it is vital to conduct a little research about where you are jetting off to in order to ensure that you are spending those hard-earned pennies wisely on flights that will take you to your dream destination. It may all sound a little too much like homework but here are five things you need to get clued up on before you go:

1 – What do you want from a holiday?

This is something that you and your companion need to decide before you even start looking at flights. Are you up for action and adventure? Is it slammed bars and sleeping off hangovers by the pool that tickles your fancy? Or, are you after some culture? Whatever it is, make sure that you establish what places are likely to meet your needs and opt for them

2 – Weather

You need to make sure that the place that you are going is just right for the activities/ or lack of activities that you are planning on. If all you want to do is laze on the beach and read that trashy novel you’ve heard so much about then you need to know that the sun will be out. Similarly, you don’t want to be going somewhere when the weather is known for being unkind. For example – the US in hurricane season might not be the best of choices. Trust us, a little research goes a long way.

3 –Budget

No-one likes to think about money…unless you have lots of it. If you don’t want to be caught short, be sure to find out how much things are likely to cost. No matter what great discounts you get on the flights, if accommodation and food are going to cost a small fortune, you may want to reconsider your choice. Check prices before you go and set a rough budget so you know how much money you will need and to stop you from overspending.

4 – Will you need any jabs?

If you are planning on going camping in the Lake District, this might be a little unnecessary but should you be jetting off to the tropics, it would be wise to check whether you need any vaccinations or if you need to take malaria tablets. Five minutes online can tell you all you need to know or pop and see your doctor. Nothing is more important than your health.

5 –Insurance

The extra cost may seem like a pain at the time but with a little shopping around you can pay a pittance for something that could, quite literally, be a lifesaver should anything happen. Plus, if you lose anything valuable you will be praising the small amount of time it took you to sort the insurance out.

If you take a little time to do a little pre-holiday research we guarantee that your holiday will bring nothing but fantastic memories.

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