Tipping Tips and Rules in Restaurants Around the World

In order to find out what are tip ranges in different countries we have booked an international flight and went to Canada. You can find flying tickets at very good rates, for instance, for Delta Airlines.Giving a tip to the waiter, who serves your meal, is a widely known habit and etiquette trademark. However, tourists will notice that a tipping guideline in restaurants might prove useful because this habit is different in all countries in the world. What is the amount one should leave after having eaten? Restaurant guests have to be very well informed regarding the amount of tip one should offer the waiter. Therefore, there is a list of tips and tricks available, together with brief information about the tipping culture on all continents.
Firstly, in Canada tips is somewhere between 15% and 20%. This is also the case of the United States, but, if you miss to leave a tip to the one who serves you, then you will most probably be asked what did he or she mistake because leaving a tip in USA is as mandatory as nowhere else. In the Dominican Republic, tips are not very high, so guests should pay around 10% of the price.
In Europe, things aren’t very different when it comes to giving a tip. For example, France is a classic example of offering tip at restaurants because here tip is included automatically in the bill. However, Paris is the place where tipping is 10% extra for an excellent service. German restaurants use to accept about 5%-10% extra for service. In Spain, tipping is not a common custom. But, if you find serving without fault, then you can hand over the waiter between 5%-10% off the bill. Going to the Northern parts of Europe, tipping in countries such as Sweden, Holland or Iceland, isn’t an usual thing, too. But you can still round up your bill to the next unit, euro, dollar and this way you thank for the good service.
Asia is special when it comes to tipping habits. Chinese, for instance, might be put into trouble and get confused if you leave a tip at the restaurant. In some restaurants, waiters may come after you to give you the money you left as tip. However, many Chinese are used to receiving tips because many tourists traveling to China leave tips in hotels, bars or restaurants.

Tipping in Restaurants Around the World - Source restaurantsibiu.com
Tipping in Restaurants Around the World – Source restaurantsibiu.com

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