Times Square

Visiting USA is an all-time dream for many travelers, USA is a never sleeping country, where fun feels at home, freedom is an everywhere concept. International flights to USA are possible now, at very affordable rates. Book a cheap flight and go to United States for an unforgettable trip! New York is absolutely amazing at night, when flashes, lights and neon glow in all possible colours, entertaining all viewers. Times Square is not only an open space, situated at the intersection of Broadway, Seventh Avenue and 43rd Street, but also a cultural center, where you can see a theatre play or watch a cinema movie. Don’t forget your camera, as a tip, try taking photos of Times Square area half an hour before getting dark because by that time, the contrast between the colourful lights and the sky is the most powerful.

Before the departure, book your hotel room and plan your trip because New York City is very complex, popular and entertaining. It’s better to see Times Square together with a friend, because the experience has to be shared. If you like going shopping, then Times Square is the perfect gateaway because the famous H&M chain, M&M Store or MTV Gift shop are here.

Imagine how Times Square looks like on New Year’s Eve! Very many people enjoying more and more the moments of celebration. If you want to avoid the hectic trafiic and crowded streets of Times Square, then go there at the early hours of morning, because it is only then when you see fewer people. During day, Times Square is crowded with people going shopping and in the evening, very many other people are in search of a show or restaurant.

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