The World’s Worst Airports

One can easily say that airports are the gate to speed. But, however, there should also be taken into account the following issues like: flights missed at high cost, terminal delays, rudeness, body searches at Customs, missed connections, the endless queues, lost luggage, and why not, the bomb alerts which make you truly shiver with cold. One can also add the long check-in duration, or the discomfort you might feel on board, like air pressurisation or mashed hand luggage. And this, in some of the most famous airports in the world.

Two years ago, some surveys proved that the airports London Heathrow and Chicago O’Hare are not quite easy to navigate, the lavatories are untidy and the parking facilities are not the expected ones.

The world’s worst airports
The world’s worst airports

According to the Foreign Policy magazine, the top for the most unbearable airports in the world looks like this: Dakar in Senegal; New Delhi in India; Mineralnye Vody in Russia; Baghdad International, Iraq; and Charles de Gaulle in Paris, excluding Heathrow Airport.

Hong Kong International Airport, Singapore’s Changi and Seoul’s Incheon are some of the most ‘valued’ airports across the world as many reviews state it.
They provide some of the most high class possibilities like shopping, exquisite restaurants, indoor pools, orchid gardens, and free wireless Internet.

But, on the other hand, at the opposite corner there are the worst airports in the world, which, unfortunately, are not very difficult to be detected.

The Baghdad International Airport, is situated in the middle of a war zone, and it is sinonim with danger. Planes landing off in Baghdad have to execute a “stomach-churning” descent in case of missiles, before travellers head downtown on the “highway of death”. Some important issues one may encounter there is the immigration which lasts approximately three hours and the security guards who move the travellers on.

Lukla airstrip, the gateway to the Mount Everest region in Nepal,is also a well-known ‘dismissed’ airport.

Another airport on the ‘black list’ is the famous Charles de Gaulle, which is strongly criticised for its endless terminals. As Foreign Policy says, “visitors to Paris should expect more than the grimy terminals, rude staff, confusing layout, and overpriced food.”

Landing off in Delhi? Most probably you may encounter aggressive beggars or the filthy bathrooms.

The world’s worst airports
The world’s worst airports

Below, for further analysis of the topic, there are listed some of the worst airports in the world:

1. Moscow – the taxi taking you away from the airport might cost you a fortune.

2. Los Angeles – After September 11th, the queues are longer and the time for check-in is almost unbereable, as this leads to missed flights.

3. Jakarta – Because of the traffic, the journey to the airport can take even more than one hour. If the flight is delayed, one can accommodate to the only expensive hotel inside the airport.

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