The World’s Largest and Greatest Christmas Tree

Christmas is joyfully celebrated all over the world. For Mexicans, Navidad (Christmas), is essential, despite the common problems people deal with every day. Naciamento is a traditional Mexican crèche or nativity scene, representing the birth of Christ. In Mexico, one top attraction is the ‘bionacimiento‘, which has life-size human figures, plants and live animals, such as sheep, goats, rabbits, canaries, parrots, fish, and an iguana. It covers 150 square meters and cost 252,000 pesos to construct. It has three parts: creation, a representation of paradise, and of the birth of Christ. It will remain open till the 10th of January. According to Mariano Rodriguez, leader of the private organization that constructed the bionacimiento, “Being surrounded by nature is a unique and original way to represent the origin of our land and the birth of our Savior.”

Mexico Christmas Tree
Mexico Christmas Tree
The greatest Christmas tree in the world was erected in Mexico City, which led to its recording in the Guinness Book of Records. It is 295 feet (90 m) tall and 114-foot-wide. The artificial tree was built of steel wires on Reforma Avenue in Mexico City. According to Carlos Martinez, Guinness Records Representative, “Today, we took all the official measurements which show a height of 110 metres and 35 centimetres. This is a new record for the world’s biggest Christmas tree.” It is situated in the neighbourhood from the American Embassy and during day, it displays the red, white and blue colors “because it’s a Pepsi tree,” according to Go Entertainment President Julio Galman, the director of the entire project.

The tree was mainly erected in order to attract numerous visitors, and nowadays there are about 11.5 to 12 million tourists annually passing by. The largest Christmas tree in the world is covered in 1.2 million light bulbs and a mere 80 kilometres of cable. The second tree after the one in Mexico is situated in Aracaju, Brazil, the city that had held the record since 2007 with a tree 110.11 meters (361.25 feet) high. Moreover, the mayor of Mexico City has announced that this year, “La Magia de Navidad” (The Magic of Christmas) festival will take place from December 5, 2009 to January 9, 2010, and will include the tallest Christmas tree in the world. Tourists and not only, can entertain themselves listening to the well-known tenor Placido Domingo, his free concert in Mexico, as part of the 36 days of celebrations.

The World's Largest and Greatest Christmas Tree
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