The World’s Best Hamburgers

Who has not tried hamburgers until now? This very popular dish has become more and more famous among people of all ages. Hamburgers are tasty, easy to prepare and most of all, cheaper than any other sophisticated dish. Whether they are home made or prepared by famous restaurants, hamburgers are the most convenient way to eat whether at lunch, at noon, at any hour. This is why many of us have considered thinking what is the best hamburger in the world? What is the best recipe for a tasteful hamburger? Our travel advisers have tried several types of hamburgers and have decided that the Ruby Tuesday Hamburger is probably the best hamburger in the world.
What makes it so special? Well, because they are all handcrafted hamburgers and made 100% from beef. All these best hamburgers in the world contain natural ingredients and mayonnaise for a plus of taste.
We believe that Ruby Tuesday Hamburgers are the best in the world because each type is unique – whether they are classic, boston blue, avocado turkey or triple prime bacon cheddar, you cannot resist the temptation of tasting them. We know, we know, your next question might be – how many calories has a hamburger?. Well, hard to say, because the best hamburgers in the world must have many ingredients in order to be the tastiest burgers. For instance, plain jane burger has 1,037 calories/portion, alpine swiss burger has 1,364 calories and Ruby’s Chicken Burger has “only” 882 calories.
So, the best hamburgers in the world are in our opinion, prepared in the USA. Next time when you visit US or any other country where Ruby Tuesday is available, try one of the hamburgers on the long menu list. Bon Appetit!

Best Hamburger in The World - Source
Best Hamburger in The World – Source

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