The Underwater Tunnel Between Denmark And Germany

If you want to travel by plane from Germany to Denmark, book an international flight  and you will reach the destination in less than you might believe.

Moreover, what do you think about traveling be car in a tunnel which connects Germany and Denmark? Well, this is very likely to become reality in the near future, as Denmark intends to build a 20 km (11 mile) long tunnel under Baltic Sea, in order to reach Germany. This is a granduous infrastructure project, which will be about to cost approximately 5,5 billion euro. Although the Danish people are for this strategic construction, the German one is more reluctant to this idea. The underwater tunnel between Denmark and Germany will be 40 m width and 10 m high, so that it will host both a high-way and a railway. According to the constructors, the tunnel between Denmark and Germany will link the Danish island Lolland de Fehmern. In the present, the only connection between the two countries is made by ferry. A trip by car costs 66 euro and lasts three quarters of an hour, which is more efficient.

In the initial stage, the underwater tunnel to link these two states was actually a bridge, plan which was abandoned. Denmark wants to be connected to Europe. However, the differences of perception of the two countries will make these plans hesitate. Germany is more objective, more attentive to costs and more pragmatic and Denmark is more enthusiastic about this project.

Cheap flights worldwide are not a problem anymore, and Denmark and Germany are worth seeing countries anytime and by people of all ages.

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  1. εργασία από το σπίτι says:

    Тunnel which connects Germany and Denmark? unbelievable!

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