The Schonnbrunn Gardens

Vienna is a very popular destination and most of all, very romantic. The numerous international flights to this destination are booked several months in advance because cheap flights are preferred when it comes to a short distance journey and not only.
After having landed, you have the possibility to get quickly in the city center by CAT, the airport transfer train in Vienna. It is very comfortable, quick, affordable and most of all, very convenient when it comes to the destination stations. If you want to continue your trip, you can also take a ticket for the cab, the taxi service provided by the CAT company.
Immediately when you arrive in front of the grand gates of the Schonbrunn palace, you’ll be fascinated by the luxury and elegance of the place. The Schonbrunn includes the Schonnbrun Palace, the gardens, the Zoological garden and Maze and Gloriette. The gardens of Schonbrunn are open everyday, from 6.00 A.M. or 6.30 A.M. depending on the season and the entrance is free. The Schonbrunn Gardens were built at the end of the XVIIIth century and they were aimed for the Viennese population and international visitors alike. The Schonbrunn Gardens are very large, that is 1.2 km from east to west and approximately one kilometre from north to south so you should take at least 4 hours to stroll along the alleys of this beautiful gardens.
The Schonbrunn Gardens map includes sightseeings such as Great Parterre, Maze & Labyrinth, Small Gloriette, Neptune Fountain, Roman Ruin, Privy Garden, Schöner Brunnen, Angel Foutain, Obelisk Fountain, Round Pool, Columbary, Gloriette, Botanic Garden, Zoo Vienna, Palm House, Desert Experience House, Star Pool, Carriage Museum and Orangery.

Schonbrunn Gardens - Source skarzynscy.deviantart.com_
Schonbrunn Gardens – Source skarzynscy.deviantart.com_

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