The Safest Airline Companies in USA

First of all, traveling by airplane is safe, maybe the safest means of transportation in the world. According to the latest studies, traveling by airplanes has recorded the lowest rates of accident, whereas traveling by car is much more dangerous than any other means of transportation. Airplane accidents, which involve dead people take place very rarely. For instance, the latest fatal airplane crash took place in 2009, when a Colgan Air regional plane operating as Continental Connection Flight 3407 crashed into a residence in Buffalo, N.Y. After the crash there were 50 people dead.Accidents take place but they shouldn’t be associated with a certain airline company, because it isn’t the company’s fault that, for example, a bird collision might force the plane return to the airport or a medical emergency, as it was the case for 31 passengers takes place. Below there are listed the safest airline companies in the USA, according to some parameters, such as a minimum of 600 flights a day.
8. Jet blue
Incidents per Flight: 0.0000776
17 incidents out of 219.000 flights in 2010

7. American Airlines
Incidents per Flight: 0.0000701
87 incidents out of 1.241.000 flights in 2010

6. United Airlines
Incidents per Flight: 0.0000407
49 incidents out of 1.204.500 flights

5. Delta Airlines
Incidents per Flight: 0.0000386
77 incidents out of 1.994.725 flights

4. Continental Airlines
Incidents per Flight: 0.0000260
23 incidents out of 884.395 flights

3. US Airways
Incidents per Flight: 0.0000212
24 incidents out of 1.131.865 flights

2. Southwest Airlines
Incidents per Flight: 0.0000203
23 incidents out of 1.131.500 flights

1. AirTran
Incidents per Flight: 0.0000196
5 incidents out of 255.000 flights

The Safest Airline Companies in USA
The Safest Airline Companies in USA

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