The Most Popular Dishes in the World

Traveling has become part of our life. We choose to go to another country or maybe county for touristic purposes or maybe business. We are enchanted by the natural wonders of the world and we are very delighted to see unusual landscapes, which may seem rather uncommon in our own country. However, when going to another place visitors are also interested in the local cuisine - what dishes can be served there? What is the traditional food in Italy, Spain, France, Nigeria and other countries? What are their secret recipes? What makes these the most popular dishes in the world? If you want to try one of the dishes below, then go ahead, because our travel advisors have chosen some of the best local dishes in the world.
1. Paella – Spain
The recipe for this local dish in Spain is rather simple – saffron, garlic and herbs, and of course, very much rice. The origins of this Spanish dish comes from the southwestern part.

Paella - Spain
Paella – Spain

2. Chin Chin – Nigeria
Another popular dish in the world is Chin Chin is nothing else than small pastries flavored with sugar and spices. They are eaten most of the times during parties, as quick snacks, or at weddings.
Chin Chin - Nigeria
Chin Chin – Nigeria

3. Chow Mein – China
Among the most popular dishes in the world is Chow Mein. It is very popular there and the recipe is made from egg noodles, which are tir-fried with vegetables and shredded chicken or other meat.
Chow Mein – China
Chow Mein – China

4. Jalebi – India
Jalebi are sweets. They are orange and the recipe says they are made with syrup.
Jalebi – India
Jalebi – India

5. Spaghetti Bolognese- Italy
This type of spaghetti is absolutely delicious. Even if you are on a diet, you must try this local Italian dish as it is made from spaghetti with a meat and tomato sauce and each region in Italy has its own recipe.
Spaghetti Bolognese - Italy
Spaghetti Bolognese – Italy

6. Jannson’s Frestelse – Sweden
Sweden’s most popular dish in the world is Jannson’s Frestelse, also called “Jannson’s Temptation” and the recipe of this dish is made up from onion and anchovy mixture layered in between this slices of potato. You will find them iced most of the time and it can be eaten all day long.
Jannson’s Frestelse – Sweden
Jannson’s Frestelse – Sweden

7. Sushi – Japan
Sushi sound complicated but not for someone from Japan. Sushi means nothing more than Slices of very fresh, raw fish, prawns, pickled vegetables, or foods wrapped in seaweed are laid on carefully molded mounds of rice.
Sushi – Japan
Sushi – Japan

8. Tortillas – Mexico
This local Mexican dish originates back from the Aztec civilization. Tortillas are made from corn or wheat flour. It is advisable to eat them with a bit spicy dish. They are also served as enchiladas (rolled tacos covered with a hot sauce).
Tortillas – Mexico
Tortillas – Mexico

9. Falafel – Israel
Falafel is the local dish in Israel, made from chickpeas, which are fried very well in order to become crisp golden brown. They can be eaten alone or together with a pita bread or a salad.
Falafel – Israel
Falafel – Israel

10. Kyinkyinga – Mali
They are very accessible as they are sold on the street. Basically, they are a type of kabob, with green pepper and flavored meat. Then they are dunked in syrup that has been flavored with saffron.
Kyinkyinga – Mali
Kyinkyinga – Mali

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