The Lone Traveller

Post written by Kate Robinson.
Perhaps you are single.…..maybe your mates don’t like to travel. Are you faced with the prospects of being a lonely traveller…….or would you rather say a lone traveller because you like the idea? There are actually lots of advantages of travelling by yourself and it is trendier than you might think.You might be under the misconception that solo travelling is expensive and that the tourist industry just doesn’t cater for travellers who are unaccompanied. Things are definitely changing. Here are some of the advantages of travelling alone:-

• You decide

The obvious advantage is that you make all the decisions. You decide the destination, when and how. You have the liberty to book flights to the destination of your choice when it suits you. I remember once I was planning to visit Argentina with a friend and she took so long to ask her boss for time off that we missed a really good deal on airline tickets. You can just imagine what our holiday was like. Need any more reasons to travel alone……I’ll continue……

• Meet new people

Travelling alone will make you fiercely independent and very outgoing. You will be more likely to talk to locals and other travellers along the way. This is an experience in itself. If you are planning on going on an adventure or backpacking holiday you can always take an organised tour. For example, if you book a tour, you will meet people as you explore the Grand Canyon or trek Mount Kilimanjaro.

The type of holiday you pick will also determine whether you will be alone or not. For example, if you book an organized safari in South Africa or a cruise you are bound to meet people. Just think, on a cruise ship there is nowhere to go. You will see the same people every day and eventually get talking…….friendship will blossom.

• No “discussions”

It is not easy keeping peace when you are with someone 24/7. Perhaps if you are related to the person or have known your friend for years and years, it is easier to be open and say your mind. You are more than likely to have the odd fall out if you travel with someone and that is why it is better to travel alone. You can eat where you like, sleep when you want and see what you want at your own pace.

• You will learn

I am convinced it will make you more intelligent. You will attempt speaking in another language and even navigate your way around a city or jungle. You may even pay more attention in museums and galleries and so learn more.

Travelling alone
Travelling alone

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