The Effects of Pyramids

Pyramids are very controversed constructions which are both mysterious and exciting to study about. The science which is concerned with the reasearch on pyramids is called pyramidology and it has gained great popularity in the recent years. It is commonly believed that the shape of the pyramid is a source of energy itself. It is known the fact that pyramids produce some inexplicable effects such as the ones below. It sharpens razor blades, because the pyramid creates a condition of microwave-dehydration and removes the water which had to be previously impregnated with water molecules. The razor blade should be put under the pyramid after each use. A razor that lasts for about 5 shaves will last now for about 50 or even much more. But all these depend on the moon cycle and the position of the razor inside the pyramid.

Pyramid Effect
Pyramid Effect
Pyramids restore the shine of the tarnished jewellery and coins. This tarnish decreases by the energy released from the pyramids. The objects should be left under the pyramid for several days ans the tarnish will rub-off very easily. Meat is also dehydrated here, due to the microwave dehydration. It dries quickly under a pyramid. It is believed that this way dead bodies were mummified in Ancient times. Flowers can be dehydrated without losing their form or colour. Milk is fresh without refrigeration, inside a pyramid. Scientists discovered that hypertensive individuals become tranquilized, but lethargic people become energetic again in the neighbourhood of a pyramid. Symbols and mandallas decorating a pyramid’s sides, produce a positive result variety of positive responses. Pyramids make things better, putting things back the way they were.

The Pyramid Effect
The Pyramid Effect
In the case of meditators, they assert that they feel a sense of weightlessness; a time distortion, both of speed and slowing down; a tingling sensation on the skin,similar to that of mild electricity; an increase in the skin temperature; a tranquilizing effect on the nervous system; a deeper “dropping off ” in the transcendental state; and finally, very graphic dreams in vivid color. In addition, pyramids are good conductors of electricity, which means that they transfer information better than others. When an object is placed inside the pyramid, it receives the information that makes it up on a stronger or amplified basis. For instance, if a plant is growing under the pyramid, it receives amplified information of its self. The stronger the signal, the more energy the plant has. The claim that pyramids ‘clear’ water is false, but water kept inside the pyramid and later used to water plants helps them grow better. Moreover, it is also good to drink. Besides, it will loose its chlorine taste and generally tastes better.

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