Tax Free Shopping in Andorra

Shopaholics from everywhere – unite! For many, Andorra is the paradise of shopping, because you can buy everything at very low prices. If travelling by car, from the Aude or Pyrenees Orientales means driving for about 3 to 4 hours. Because of the difficulty of the journey, (weather and sinuous roads) after crossing the border with Andorra, one should better pay the tunnel tax (Envalira tunnel, €5.70 each way) in order to avoid hard times spent while driving. For instance, a good bargain for smokers is buying 200 cigarettes for €15, that is about €1.50 a pack. When it comes for alcohol, the situation is quite the same – you can even find a litre bottle of Jim Beam Bourbon for €5.55. But, don’t take the label for granted – too cheap can mean also low quality.

Andorra la Vella
Andorra la Vella
For example, a bottle that looks “Scottish” isn’t necessary made in that region. If it happens for your car to have the tank empty, then don’t worry - petrol is for little more than €1 a litre. So, tax free items are everywhere around. As a tip, make a list in advance with the desired it – otherwise you can find yourself with no money left in your pocket – the offer is very catchy. There are also some enormous hypermarkets, a great attraction for the buyers – all sorts of sweets, household goods, clothing or electrical departments are waiting for you! There are many shops specialized in cheese.

Julia Parfumeria in Andorra
Julia Parfumeria in Andorra
You can buy local Andorran cheeses, most of which seem to be made from goat’s milk. Pas de la Casa is a border village inside Andorra where you can find tax free products like alcohol and cigarettes, leather / sports goods, electrical and some designer clothes shops. Because it is a fiscal haven, in Andorra la Vella one can find many clothes shops and outlets among which the famous Mango (and Mango Outlet), Zara, Gap, Lacoste, Bershka, Stradivarius. Shops usually open at 10 AM and close their doors at 22 PM. But, there is also a lunch break, from 2 PM till evening, and only the restaurants are the ones to be left open.

Love Shop in Andorra
Love Shop in Andorra
If you are there for buying parfumes, then this is the right place! Gala Parfumeries has about 30 outlets and Julia Parfumeries are two famous brands there. For almost every bottle of parfume you buy, you get a free item, depeding on the offer on. Prices are better than in duty free. On your departure, remember to have your passport with you, although it is improbable to be asked to show it, pay attention to what you buy and carry with you on your way home. It is very likely to be stopped by customs officials checking duty free allowances.

Shop in Andorra
Shop in Andorra
Below, there is a list with duty free limits:
1.5 l of spirits over 22% a.b.v. OR 3 l of spirits under 22% a.b.v. AND 5 l table wine
300 cigarettes OR 150 cigars (under 3g each) OR 75 cigars (over 3g each) OR 400g of pipe tobacco
Perfumes 75g perfume AND 375 ml eau de cologne
Coffee 1000g coffee OR 400g coffee extracts
Tea 200g tea OR 80g tea extracts
Other agricultural products Up to a value of €175 (Under 15 year olds up to a value of €90)
- not in excess of: 2.5 kg powdered milk, 3 kg condensed milk, 6 kg fresh milk, 1 kg butter, 4 kg cheese, 5 kg sugar, 5 kg meat
Other industrial products Up to a value of €525 (Under 15 year olds up to a value of €270)

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