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What’s The Best Show in London – The Wisdom of the Crowd

London’s West End is full of smash hit musicals, plays and comedies. But what is best to see? Many people come from all over the UK to enjoy London theatre breaks, to see a show and stay a night or two. It can be a lot of money when you add it all up – especially if you have travel to include. So when you go to the theatre in London you need to make sure that the highlight of your visit, the whole point of going, will be something that you are going to enjoy.

The Wisdom of the Crowds
You can check all the websites you like, read the reviews, ask your friends, neighbours or colleagues but do they really know what you will like? Or even what you will feel like seeing at the time – who was it who said: “there is a time to rock and a time for peace and quiet!”

The “wisdom of the crowd” says that everyone is smarter than your neighbour, or something like that! Basically, ask enough people and you will find the answer. So if you want to know what is the best show to go down to London to see, ask everyone. Fortunately it has been done already.

The crowd in question are UK citizens who have booked a London theatre break in 2011.

These are great people to ask because they don’t go to the theatre often – probably only for a special occasion. Consequently they really do mind if they see a turkey.

Now where this “wisdom of the crowd” thing is interesting is that it is not necessarily important that everyone enjoyed the show that they booked, or even that they booked the show that they would have enjoyed most. Basically, in a crowd, even you neighbour is brilliant!

So what does this crowd say was the best show to see in 2011?

Jersey Boys is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Season. It’s packed with songs we all know, without resorting to bursting into song for no good reason! It tells a proper story – which, oddly, most people won’t know about – so it’s interesting too. Or it may have something to do with the free cast list that they give away each night so you don’t have to dig deep for a programme. What ever the reason, the crowd say: “See Jersey Boys”.

What happens if you’ve seen it?

You could see it again, but otherwise the crowd says these are the next best shows…

“Les Miserables”
“The Lion King”
“Billy Elliot – the Musical”
“We Will Rock You”

Of course there is a problem with using the Wisdom of the Crowd in this instance. Whilst you and I can get to see a show tomorrow if we like, it takes a bit longer for the crowd to see it. The crowd are just not going to squeeze into some of the smaller theatres in time to see some of the lesser known shows before they close. So it should be of no surprise to discover that all of the above shows are older than 3 years!

Consequently it is worth a mention that in the year it opened “Shrek – The musical” comes in 6th. A good show or a big theatre? Who knows! I only mention it because if you see a show a year you have probably already seen all of the above!

Anyway, those are the figures and you can’t argue with the crowd – even if you live next door to one of them!

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