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Incredible How Much Garbage Is Covering Terra

The fact that all the people in the world represent a consumption society, which inevitably affects the Earth, is not a new thing anymore. This is because of the increasing number of trash amounts, that are thrown away everyday. However, 54 years later from the spatial explorations, the human being made himself present in the planet outer space, too. Here, specialists could notice millions of spatial garbage, metal pieces, food boxes, which create a serious danger for any spatial mission.
If one of the numerous metal pieces, which belonged to the crews, who worked on the spatial stations comes in contact to a spaceship, then the consequences would be dramatic. From the total amount of spatial garbage, over 30% belong to NASA, followed by the European, Russian and Chinese spatial missions.
According to a NASA press release, the entire world should get seriously involved in gathering all the spatial garbage.
Solving the problem of trash in space demands a very good strategy because the issue of waste present in the outer space is likely to disappear in the future due to some tests performed by NASA Ames Research Center. Their prototype consists of a heat-pump dryer who is thought to solve the problem of trash in space.

Space Garbage Covering Terra - Source calamitiesofnature.com
Space Garbage Covering Terra - Source calamitiesofnature.com

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