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Spanish Laredo Flower Parade

If you are visiting Spain, don’t miss the “La batalla de los flores,” or the Battle of the Flowers, that takes place in Laredo, situated on the northern coast of Spain between Santander and Bilbao.
The town is small but also famous for the increasing popularity of this festival, which draws thousands of tourists every year. The history of this event dates back to the 20th century. The flower parade may dominate the day, but the night of the Battle of Flowers has its own rituals. The colours, characters, costumes, settings, all are amazing and grandious. The townspeople burn the sardine for good luck in fishing for the coming year. Then they stay and have a party on the beach while there is a fireworks display.

Do you have any memories related to this festival, which you would like to share with us?

Battle of Flowers in Laredo
Battle of Flowers in Laredo

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Spain Earthquake makes 10 Victims

A serious magnitude earthquake took place in Spain, in Lorca, yesterday, on Wednesday, May, 11th, making more than 120 victims and out of which 10 were killed, including a teenage girl. Desperate people, queud in search of food after the disaster. In order to save the inhabitants in Lorca, more than 350 tents were set up. “We spent the night outside here in the square. The emergency workers are giving us food and blankets. We’re not allowed to go into our apartment until an engineer comes and looks at our building,” said Edgar Rosales, 38, an Ecuadorian immigrant. Spain is not an area exposed to these kind of natural phenomena, although today the earthquake produces massive damage for the locals. Opposition leader Mariano Rajoy visited Lorca on Thursday, as did Deputy Prime Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba and Defense Minister Carme Chacon. Part of the front of a badly damaged church collapsed hours after the quake and other buildings in the town were considered unstable.

Spain Earthquake in Lorca, May, 11th
Spain Earthquake in Lorca, May, 11th

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The Basque Country

Post written by Kate Robinson.
If you have ever travelled to Spain you probably agree that it is quite surprising how different each autonomous region is from another. The Basque Country, or Euskadi in Basque and País Vasco in Spanish, is perhaps one of the best examples of this. This region is renowned for its individuality and it really does strive to be a country on its own. When you arrive in the capital city of the Basque Country, Bilbao, you will see the first signs that it is different…the street signs are all written in both Euskera (the Basque language) and Spanish, and you will probably hear the locals speaking in a funny language. If you have ever been to Barcelona, you will have experienced something similar.
It is this cultural identity that I think you will like about Bilbao as it is so different from the traditional Spanish stereotypes. However, this is not the only attraction….the Basque Country is known for its beautiful landscapes, green hills and mountains which can be contrasted with the dry, parched fields and land of central and southern Spain.
I love the Basque Country and here are a few places you must visit.
Bilbao is the capital of the Basque Country where you can visit the Guggenheim Museum and go shopping.

San Sebastian
San Sebastian has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, called La Concha. Here you should walk around and take in the atmosphere….as well as sample pintxos (Basque style tapas).
Pamplona is actually the capital of Navarre, another autonomous community, but its proximity to the Basque Country makes it worth visiting. This is where they run the bulls through the narrow streets to the bull ring every day for a week in July.
Bilbao is the main gateway to the Basque Country and Navarre so you are more likely to find low cost flights to its airport. Some of the airlines which operate routes to Bilbao are Iberia and easyJet. Flights with American Airlines and British Airways usually have a stopover in Madrid.