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Odaiba – a Real Shopping Pleasure on an Artificial Island

Are you still thinking of the unique satisfaction a shopping session offers you? But what if you can go shopping and also explore a region, where cultural traces are everywhere – I’m talking about Odaiba, or shortly, Daiba, a great artificial island in Tokyo. Even if you are on a tight budget, it’s worth seeing Odaiba because flights to Tokyo are at very good rates. Cheap flights to Tokyo aren’t an issue anymore, so book your tickets and accommodation, take your luggage and you’re ready to go to a shopping, attractions, sports facilities and office buildings paradise!
Don’t miss New Transit Yurikamome, which will take you over the Rainbow Bridge. One more thing, this train is fully automatic and has no driver! Odaiba is a place for everyone, no matter gender or age. For example, kids can entertain themselves in one of the many leisure centers, whereas ladies and men can go shopping. If you are a car enthusiast, then go to Toyota Mega Web. Don’t worry if you start feeling hungry. There’s always a very good place where you can eat or drink something.
Aquacity Odaiba is another must-see. This huge shopping center will make you spend most of your day there because you can enjoy your meal in one of the 60 restaurants, go to the cinema, where you can book one of the 3000 seats, go shopping or simply admire the great landscape of the Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2012 – A Shopping Paradise!

Whether you are a woman or a man, shopping attracts very many people in famous brands stores and not only worldwide. First of all, booking a cheap flight is essential for a shopping trip. The well-known two sales periods in a year – winter sales and summer discounts have become a popular culture for everyone! In this respect, Dubai has considered this a great chance to celebrate, so that it organises a shopping festival every year.

In 2012, Dubai Shopping Festival will last between January, 5th and February, 5th, so don’t worry, you’ll have enough time to try all sort of outfits. Because Dubai Shopping Festival 2012 is a global event, this shopping celebration will host shows such as Dubai Fashion Week, a sound and light show, a cuisine festival, sport events and many, many more. The most important part for the attenders is that they are encouraged to buy clothing with 75% off discount. And this is not everything, plan your journey carefully because about 6000 shopping outlets and 50 shopping centers will be part of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2012. Some tips before visiting this festival next year are to decide very well in advance what are the main points of interest, as you will definetely not have all the time in the world to visit everything. In order to benefit from the greatest discounts and best shopping deals at Dubai Shopping Festival, you’d better go shopping at the very beginning and at most of all, at the end of the festival. Another esential tip is to carefully plan your budget in advance, there will be a lot of attractive things to buy, especially when there has been made a great fuss about it.

There are many international flights available all year long, but few will take you to Dubai at very good rates!

Labor Day Last Shopping Sales Season

All worldwide stores are clearing out their stocks these days in order to create the necessary space for the fall/winter collections 2011. This is why you can find the best bargains in matter of clothing, shoes and accessories all sold at great discounts! Sales season is almost over so hurry up and find the best items at very good prices, cheap items of clothing that used to be once very expensive are now affordable for everyone.
Labour Day is a very special occasion for a shopping session due to the great special offers all stores promote. However, this is not everything. Great names in the fashion industry advise us to use coupons, or discount vouchers that help you buy the desired pair of shoes or that long dreamt of leather bag at even 35% off the already discounted price. As a general rule, this year sales begin on Saturday and end on Monday, September 5.
Amazon sales at discounted rates beauty products, books, Barnes & Nobles are clearing their stock in matter of medical books with 50% the price, Macy sales jewellery, brand suits, JCPenney, Pottery Barn, Gap Outlets, Target.com, Best Buy are other shops selling their items at even 75% off the initial price.

Labor Day 2011 Sales Weekend - Source shoeblog.com
Labor Day 2011 Sales Weekend - Source shoeblog.com

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