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Top Romantic Destinations and St. Valentine’s Day Traditions in Europe

A romantic dinner, a room decorated in red, flowers, parfums, long strolls next to your beloved, fireworks, a memorable sunset – the very much awaited month of love and one of the most romantic period of the year is right here. And tourists are not neglected at all. And this is because St. Valentine’s is not only the day of celebrating love in your homes, but also a great chance to make a beautiful surprise to the one you love and plan a romantic trip across Europe. If this is not enough, our travel specialists have picked the best guaranteed hotel deals in the most important and full of romantism cities in Europe. England, France, Spain, Sweden, are just some of the top countries to discover next to your lover this year! Romantic capitals and very beautiful St. Valentine’s traditions for the ones who still believe in the worldwide most famous day for celebrating the unique feeling – love. St. Valentine’s Day is the same celebrations for all lovers in the world. However, there are many customs that make this feast different from country to country.
1. England
The custom says that here in England, a saint called Jack Valentine knocks the rear door of the house on this day. Before leaving, the saint leaves presents for the little ones. There isn’t a St. Valentine’s Day in Wales, however, but people celebrate St Dwynwen’s Day instead, at the end of January. Although London might be rainy and cold, this does not mean that it isn’t a romantic city. On the contrary, the historic monuments and art galleries along with exciting hotels and restaurants make London an ideal place for the Valentine’s Day celebration. Book now a room in London at great deal!

St. Valentine's in London, England (Tower Bridge)
St. Valentine

2. France
France is synonym with love and romantism. The French people celebrates St. Valentine’s the same way the other people celebrate this day. Paris, or the City of Lights, is a great destination for your St. Valentine’s Day. Here you can find top accommodation deals for both budget and luxurious trips.
The City of Lights, St. Valentine's in Paris, France (Eiffel Tower)
The City of Lights, St. Valentine

3. Spain
Here, the celebration is known under the name of  ‘San Valentin’ and it resembles very well with the celebration of love in England. Barcelona is a memorable city for those who are in search of a mild weather and a ‘party’-air destination. Visitors can choose from a large variety of hotels in Barcelona.
St. Valentine's Day in Barcelona, Spain
St. Valentine's Day in Barcelona, Spain

4. Portugal
The feast has a popular name – the Dia dos Namorados or Boy/Girlfriend’s Day. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a place you shouldn’t miss – its beautiful position on the country map provides its visitors with lots of things to do. Find the best hotel deals here.
St. Valentine's Day in Lisbon, Portugal (New Lisbon Bridge)
St. Valentine

5. Norway & Denmark
Valentinsdag, as St. Valentine’s Day is commonly known here, is the celebration when couples go to restaurants or exchange cards. Although Northern countries, the fresh air and paradisiac setting accompanies your romantic St. Valentine’s trip in some of the most beautiful hotels in Europe, and why not, in the whole world! Book now your hotel room in Oslo, Norway or Copenhagen, Denmark at the best guaranteed rates!
St. Valentine's Day in Oslo, Norway
St. Valentine

6. Sweden
St. Valentine’s Day is called Alla hjärtans dag or All Hearts’ Day in Sweden. Although this celebration has never gained the importance it used to in the other Western countries, this feast is gaining popularity among the Swedish people. Sweden is unique because Sweden is a great place to discover next to your beloved one. Find the best accommodation here.
St. Valentine's Day in Stockholm, Sweden (Katarinahissen)
St. Valentine

7. Finnland
In Finnland, the celebration of love is known as Ystavanpaiva, that is Friend’s Day. Here, people celebrate both their soulmates but also their best friends. You can choose here from a great variety of the best guaranteed hotel deals in Helsinki, Finnland.
St. Valentine's Day in Helsinki, Finnland
St. Valentine