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Top Castles and Palaces in the World

There are very many fascinating places in the world but the most attracting and fabulous are palaces and castles. Some of the most important places of interest for tourists and famous constructions in the world are the Forbidden City, Mysore Palace in India, The Great Scots at Edinburgh Castle, Prague Castle and many others. Tourists are mainly attracted by the mystery they share every moment and above all, by the unique, original story that stands at the core of these constructions. Some are real and some are not. However, it is a fact that these buildings had different key roles along history, for instance fortress, royal palace, prison or mint.

Tower of London
Tower of London
Alcazar, Segovia is situated on the rocks governing the rivers Eresma and Clamores. In the past, the castle role was that of a prison, before it became the home to the Royal School of Artillery in 1762 and later on, to Spanish Military Archives.

Forbidden City is a temple-like construction where the West and East palace compounds are just as interesting as the much photographed main gates and temples which run in a direct line on a south to north axis from the huge Mao painting at the Meridian Gate to the Gate of Divine Prowess.

The Tower of London was built on the north bank of the River Thames stands the Tower of London. Its role was more »

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