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Top Unique Things To Do in Amsterdam When It Is Raining

Amsterdam is one of the most special cities in Europe; the tranquil atmosphere, striking architecture, beautiful canals and green parks make it to a truly dreamy getaway. Unfortunately, the city is also known for having occasionally cold temperature and rainy days. When traveling to Amsterdam you need to make sure to check the weather first- you will surprise how many rainy days you can get in a single week around summer time. However, a little bit of rain should definitely not prevent you from visiting- Amsterdam is way too amazing to give up on! So what should you do if you are in town exactly when the sun decided to go on holiday? Here are some very original, fun and exceptional ideas:
1. TunFun Indoor Playground

TunFun Indoor Playground
TunFun Indoor Playground
Address: Mr. Visserplein 7, 1011 RD Amsterdam
Entrance: 7.50 EUR for children Between: 1-12 and free entrance for adults above 18 and babies Under 1 year old.
Opening hours: open daily from 10 am to 6 pm except for 30th April and 1st January
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If you travel to Amsterdam with your children, make them thrilled by taking them to this fun indoor playground! Right in the center of Amsterdam you will find this amazing attraction which is always a good option to pick- even on a sunny day! An inflatable “Amsterdam Street” huge jump cushion, fun slides, indoor soccer ground, ball pools, trampolines and much more surprises! While your kids are running around, taking out a lot of energy and meet new friends, you can relax at the TunFun café, the: “HupSap”.

2. Amsterdam Library
Amsterdam Library
Amsterdam Library
Address: Oosterdokskade 143, east of Central Station Amsterdam
Entrance: Free
Opening hours: 7 days per week, 12 hours per day from 10am until 10pm
Forget the dusty, dark, old libraries- the Amsterdam public library is a huge leap into the future. Even if you are not such a big book fan you will be amazed by the facilities and benefits the library offers: free internet connection for everyone, delicious restaurant on the top of the building which overviews the entire city, 50 multimedia workplaces, all international magazines and news papers for free and much more. The main thing which makes this library to such an exceptional spot is its one of a kind- futuristic indoor design.

3. Circus Elleboog
Circus Elleboog, Amsterdam
Circus Elleboog, Amsterdam
Address: Passeerdersgracht 32, 1016 XH Amsterdam
Entrance: call this number for more details about the price: 020 – 6235326
Opening hours: please contact the number above for the opening hours information
This amazing non-profit organization was established with the unique idea to allow all children from around the city to train their skills like real circus professionals! The core value of this association is to help the youth with developing into educated, social- capable young people. A full workshop day at the circus includes: walking on ropes, jumping and balancing on a ball and other acrobatic things and one-wheel cycles.

4. Cooking Workshop
Cooking Workshop
Cooking Workshop
When it’s rainy and grey outside, there is nothing better than gathering with friends or family and learn how make a delicious, warm meal. Luckily, Amsterdam has plenty of different cooking courses to offer for everyone! French cooking lessons, Gourmet lessons and some schools even allow special theme workshops! Check one of the links above and start cooking- Bon appetite!

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