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Sensation White 2012 Amsterdam

Like every month of July, Amsterdam hosts the greatest electronic music event in the world – Sensation White Amsterdam 2012. Book your flight to Amsterdam and get ready for Sensation White 2012! Flights to Amsterdam are now more than ever very affordable. All regular entrance tickets for Sensation White have been already sold out since March, they were sold in exchange for a fee of €79,95. Also, electronic music fans could buy deluxe tickets – for €179,25. Travel agencies also considered selling combination packages, such as accommodation and entrance tickets. This year’s event – called A Source of Light, will take place on the 7th of July on Amsterdam Arena.

The message for 2012 is to unite with the world, where community is the most powerful, gathering everybody, excluding borders and limits, celebrating being ONE. 2012 line-up for Sensation White Amsterdam is very special and highly awaited – the show will start with Mr. White, after whom Dennis Ferrer, Mark Knight, The Man with no Shadow, Riva Starr and the last, but not least Hardwell, will perform on the stage of the most important electronic music celebration of the year.
The entrance conditions are the same as in all the other countries where Sensation White is organized – white dress code, you must be at least 18. You are allowed to take your camera with you, as long as it isn’t a proffessional one. Dangerous objects or devices are also forbidden. Like the previous years, the organization is very good – taxis are available to and from the event location. You can gather with other people and join the same taxi – it will be cheaper this way.
Don’t miss this event, the setting, sound, atmosphere, music and people – all are part of the magic world Sensation White 2012 Amsterdam – A Source of Light manages to offer to all electronic music enthusiasts. Have fun!

Sensation White 2012 Amsterdam - Source facebook.com
Sensation White 2012 Amsterdam - Source facebook.com

Tulips Season in Holland

If you plan to travel to Amsterdam this year, May is the perfect month of the year because you can enjoy outstanding views and landscapes, which are not possible to see in the rest of the year. Book a cheap flight and go to Amsterdam. Although the tulip time in Holland starts in March with crocuses, the peak of this flowers festival is in the early days of May. Flights to Amsterdam make your journey a paradisiac memory – special tours from Amsterdam are organized daily for tourists, who want to stroll along the tulips park near Holland’s capital, between the towns of Haarlem in the province of Noord-Holland (North Holland) and Sassenheim, just north of Leiden. Even if you don’t have the chance to enjoy tulip time, this does not mean that you missed this great chance. All spring and summer season, flowers are in bloom. I recommend it’s better to spend at least three hours in the Keukenhof Gardens and about two hours for a bike ride.
This year, the tulip festival in Holland begins on the 5th of May and ends on the 12th day. This scent-full event welcomes its visitors with live performances. The tickets can be bought also online, and the entrance fee is € 14,50 per person for adults and 65+. If you want to come by car, then the fee for the car alone is € 6,00. An important souvenir is the Park Guide, in exchange for which you have to pay only € 4.00, but you will find out valuable infos about the park and the annual events.

Tulip Time Festival in Holland - Source windmillsandtulips.com
Tulip Time Festival in Holland - Source windmillsandtulips.com

Day Trips from Amsterdam

Amsterdam has emerged as one of the most popular European tourist destinations. Each year more than four million visitors from across the world come to explore the unique attractions of this picturesque city. Enjoying the sights and sounds of Amsterdam and Holland is made easy and convenient by Amsterdam City Tours, a well-known provider of guided sightseeing excursions and tours for individuals, groups, schools, and corporates. The day trips from Amsterdam cover a number of beautiful, historical and popular places worth visiting. Also, as the tours from Amsterdam are led by local experts who know these destinations like the back of their hand and are familiar with all the best places of interest, you are assured a memorable experience.

Enjoy some of the best attractions in and around Amsterdam

There is so much to see and experience in Amsterdam and its neighbouring tourist destinations that you will have to devote sufficient time to each. This is why Amsterdam City Tours offers a number of exclusive day trips, so you can enjoy the destinations at leisure. Overall city tours covering the best attractions are also offered for those who are pressed for time, and want a quick yet exciting tour that gives them a great first-introduction to this beautiful city. The Amsterdam day trips include some of the most popular destinations like Volendam and Marken, Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague, the surrounding regions of Brussels and Antwerp, as well as some landmark attractions like Aalsmeer and Alkmaar. Here’s a closer look at these fabulous locations of interest – they will certainly motivate you to plan an Amsterdam day trip for your next holidays!

Villages of Volendam & Marken

The fishing village of Volendam is a stark contrast to the modern ambience of Amsterdam. But its old world charm is its USP, it is what draws a large tourist crowd. Amsterdam day trips to Volendam will see you admiring the traditional Dutch costumes worn by villagers, and the old fishing boats will take you back in time. The pointed and high bonnets worn by the womenfolk are often seen on tourist postcards. The village of Marken looks like it has stepped out of a book. Be amazed at the famous old wooden houses of the village amidst the lush landscape. This day trip from Amsterdam City Tours also includes a stop at one among the region’s very few cheese farms, where you can get a glimpse into the traditional process of making this yummy dairy product. You can also opt for a combination tour, which includes these two charming villages and the city of Amsterdam.

Grand Holland Tour (Rotterdam, The Hague & Delft )

Grand Holland day trips from Amsterdam target three landmark destinations – Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague. This tour is designed to cover the best of what these locations have to offer, and is undoubtedly a day well-spent. Visit the Aalsmeer Flower Auction, the biggest in the world, and marvel at the plethora of beautiful flower species being sold (it is estimated that more than twenty million flowers are traded every day, with business being especially robust during Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day!). Continue on to Rotterdam, one of Europe’s most multi-cultural and effervescent cities. After being almost razed to the ground during WWII, today it is a modern and thriving destination with a stunning riverside setting, the famous harbour which serves as Europe’s most prominent gateway, and some landmark buildings, such as the 138m De Zwaan/The Swan and the 186m architectural marvel that is the Euromast.

Admire the city of Delft, which has a distinct Dutch air to it with canals and greenery, and get an insight into the cultural significance that pottery holds with a visit to the Delft Blue Pottery Factory. Here, you can learn about ceramic techniques and how they made their way from China to Europe. The Hague is the next stop on the tour. It is the Dutch government’s seat, home of Queen Beatrix and houses over 100 international organizations.

Antwerp & Brussels

Excursions from Amsterdam to Antwerp and Brussels are popular, giving tourists an opportunity to experience two of Belgium’s most prominent cities. As part of your itinerary, you will first kick-start your journey with Antwerp, where stops at the central market square and the Cathedral of our Lady will have you admiring the rich local art and culture. At Brussels, you will be wowed by the fantastic buildings and architectural work you probably would have seen only on Discovery or other lifestyle channels! The Atomium, Royal Palace, the Manneken Pis, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the European Commission building, a visit to a local lace factory to get a glimpse into the traditional craft of lace-making, and time to shop and sample some world-famous Belgian chocolate…..all this is part of your exciting and wholesome itinerary!

Amsterdam City Tours offers you amazing day trips at affordable prices. You know you are getting your money’s worth when you turn to this tour provider to book day trips from Amsterdam.