Student Traveling Tips

Once having decided what destination to set off to and your bags are ready, there are some basic facts you should take into account in order to be a responsible traveler with full rights. Before you go, it wouldn’t take too much trouble making a brief research upon some basic facts like local laws and customs, especially those regarding drugs or drinking age, which could deprive you of your freedom.First of all, take the important documents, cash, medications with you to avoid the unfortunate occurrence of losing them in the airport together with the checked luggage. You should also email your parents telling them the exact address of the hotel you are staying in, the itinerary and the possible changes that may occur. An extra pair of glasses or contact lenses are also extremely useful, you don’t want to miss seeing the outstanding view, do you?

Secondly, an important fact you shouldn’t skip is traveling with respect. Some tips regarding this issue are to learn a few words in the local language, like the ones used for greeting, respect any dress code required like covering your shoulders or legs.

Student Traveling Tips
Student Traveling Tips
Moreover, think twice before snapping certain events or buildings, to prevent offending the local people. In some countries, you can be detained for taking photographs of wrong buildings, no matter if you are a tourist or not, so ask for permission before snapping synagogues, temples or churches. Respect while traveling also requires understanding the local perspective upon broad domains like religion, politics or local customs.

In addition to these, diversity should be kindly welcomed because certain customs you might consider strange may be extremely old and grasping their meaning is a proof of having an open mind. Moreover, while you’re there, the money issue might become a burden if you don’t think twice and act once before exchanging or spending it. Keep your cash in a zipped pocket, inside your coat. Don’t be boastful wearing expensive clothes and accessories. You could be thieves’ next target. Besides, while crossing the street watch very attentively because traffic laws in that country could be completely different from the country you’re living in (take left side driving, for instance). Don’t be tempted to buy food from the street sellers, you don’t want to spend the rest of your holidays being sick, aren’t you?

The moment you have stepped on the foreign land, take into account a very ‘fashionable’ issue of nowadays tourism – ecotravel, namely conserving fragile ecosystems. This allows you to enlarge your horizons and return home personally fulfilled. An ecotraveler means first of all, not to smoke in appropriate places, sightseeing without touching the souvenirs, buying local products. As a student you should also protect the environment from negative effects which may occur – like landscape destruction. By supporting local traditions and small businesses you can help them preserve and grow.

As safety is regarded, see the latest information on the destination’s safety precautions. A comprehensive travel insurance will save you from great loss. Talk to the other tourists about what places to visit and also about those to stay away from; in addition, register with your country’s consulate or embassy when arriving.

A happy holiday means staying healthy before leaving and while you’re away. Follow the health tips below to ensure yourself an enjoyable time. Get all the vaccinations you need before setting off and talk to your doctor about Malaria or other diseases you may encounter at your destination. If you’re suffering from epilepsy or diabetes carry a medical bracelet for emergency cases. Also take a medical kit to treat ailments like insect bites, colds or stomachaches. Don’t drink tap water under any circumstances because some countries may not have proper water filtering systems. Pay attention to the food in the states where hygiene conditions are unbearable, and also avoid undercooked meat. Never take a bath in rivers or streams.

Furthermore, an appointment to your dentist will make you save money and time in case of a longer trip. The medical kit is indispensable for any luggage so you should take into account having: latex gloves, antibiotics, sterilized syringes, thermometer, scissors, re hydration, cold and flu tablets, aspirin or paracetamol, antihistamines for allergic reactions.

Lastly, accommodation is essential and on this will depend whether your vacation will be successful or not. You also have some options here where to choose from: living with locals, that is foreign exchanges, which are based on hosting as well as staying with a foreign exchange student for a specified period of time. Budget hotels are more convenient because here privacy is available and the staff of the hotel is always at your disposal. Youth hostels are another option to benefit from because you can enjoy your stay and also come across different travelers who can wisely advise you with respect to the local customs and places worth seeing. Rented accommodation is a variant for those who plan to stay abroad more than three months – it is better to live in a short-term let apartment. But also don’t ignore the facilities the university accommodation provides – gym, cafeteria and it is much more cheaper.

Bearing all these in mind, have a good riddance!

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