Save an Average of 41% on Your Short City Break Hotel

If you’re looking to admire Barcelona’s outstanding architecture or setting off to enjoy a romantic weekend in Venice, you’ll be astounded to find that you can save considerably just by booking within 5 miles of the centre, compared to a booking a hotel in the centre itself. The weekend city break has been increasingly popular for general holidaymakers, and research by has shown that the city breaker can save on average a staggering 41% (around £53 per room per night) on accommodation costs by booking comparable hotels a mere 5 miles from the centre.

Taking a Parisian short break can see the average rise to 48%. And by adventuring 5 miles out of the romantic capital you could even get yourself a 4 star hotel rather than a 1 star for a depreciated amount. The 4 star Golden Tulip Paris – Porte de St Cloud is offering a standard double room for a mere £100 per night, while the 1 star central Le Petite Belloy Saint Germain, is offering a similar room during the same date for £132 per night.
Paris isn’t the only isolated example, the research shows the same story with 4 other major European cities, including Venice, Barcelona, Madrid and London. Where in terms of London, you can book yourself a 3 star hotel for around 60% cheaper a little further a field, with a potential saving of £94 per room per night.

While booking your accommodation, be sure to keep away from popular stadiums and business areas such as La Defense in Paris and London’s Canary Wharf. Their popularity is reflected in the price. The misconception we have that booking a little further out would place you too far from all the major sites and attractions is largely unfounded. All the hotels within the research were well within a mile of either a bus or metro station, allowing ease of access to the heart of each city via public transport.

Bus or metro ticket prices will vary depending on whether you are visiting during peak or off peak times, however weekends usually fall within the off peak time for public transport in the majority of cities. The prices are also dependent on the city you visit and your age, with children and elderly people usually paying less. Individual tickets are available, although if you wish to make use of all the systems, including buses, undergrounds, trains and in terms of Venice, the waterbuses, you could opt for a travel or day card.

The savings that can be made on your accommodation will easily offset the price of a travel card. Taking a stay in the English capital for example, a hotel 5 miles out of the centre of London will generally put you within zone 3 on the tube map. An off peak travel card for an adult will cost £6.30 for a day. With this you’ll be getting full access to London’s public transport system in zones 1 to 4.
By taking the most costly scenario with an adult couple wishing to spend the weekend in London, the daily travel costs would amount to £12.60 (£25.20 for the weekend). Compare this to the average saving of £53 per room per night, that’s still a staggering saving of £81 over the weekend, or £40.40 a day, by staying within zones 3 or 4 rather than zone 1.

Some travel cards also come with additional benefits, such as the London travel card, which allows for 2 for 1 entry to some of the more popular attractions and sites, such as the London Eye and Tower. This can potentially save you even more on your city break. Be sure to check terms and conditions in order to see if you can benefit from such promotions.

Top tips for weekend break hotel savings:
• Search for hotels outside of the centre, looking for hotels only 5 miles out will give you a significant reduction in the costs.
• Stay clear of accommodation near business areas and stadiums.
• Stay in hotels that are near bus or metro stations.
• Sum up the value of travel cards, and see if any come with promotional offers to help you save even more money during your break.

Guest post contributed by Michael Wade of the weekend breaks team at
Research by correct on 14/06/2010
Based on the dates of: 16th-18th July (Friday and Saturday night). 2 adults, 1 double room, room only.
Prices per room per night.
Data compiled on 5 cities of London, Venice, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona

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