Shopping at Les Halles, Paris

Les Halles in Paris is a very crowded area of the city. It is situated right in the centre of Paris, where all main metro and train stations meet, that is at station – Chatelet Les Halles. There is also the Les Halles metro station, in the neighbourhood from the first one, however, this is the area you shouldn’t miss even if you aren’t a shopaholic. This is the best time of the year because sales are all around. Good bargains, best deals can be made now, at almost the end of the summer. Shoes, jewellery, clothing, bags and many, many more are affordable because Les Halles shopping gallery is open for everyone! This shopping area from Paris is situated in the 1st arrondissement of the city. If you are in search of leisure, well Les Halles shopping gallery welcomes you at a great swimming pool or in the cinema. The largest metro station in the city – Châtelet-Les Halles – includes three RER lines, five and fourteen metro buses, which spend an average of 800,000 commuters each day. The area is surrounded by a garden of four hectares, numerous offices and the most popular pool. Everyone will be delighted with the view, and, if you are interested in buying quality clothing at good rates, then choose from the wide variety of shops, such as H&M, Go Sport, Bershka, the grand New Look, Celio and all the other discount stores.

Les Halles Metro Station Gallery - Source
Les Halles Metro Station Gallery – Source

Shopping at Les Halles, Paris
Shopping at Les Halles, Paris

Shopping Gallery, Les Halles, Paris - Source
Shopping Gallery, Les Halles, Paris – Source

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