Sensation White 2012 Amsterdam

Like every month of July, Amsterdam hosts the greatest electronic music event in the world – Sensation White Amsterdam 2012. Book your flight to Amsterdam and get ready for Sensation White 2012! Flights to Amsterdam are now more than ever very affordable. All regular entrance tickets for Sensation White have been already sold out since March, they were sold in exchange for a fee of €79,95. Also, electronic music fans could buy deluxe tickets – for €179,25. Travel agencies also considered selling combination packages, such as accommodation and entrance tickets. This year’s event – called A Source of Light, will take place on the 7th of July on Amsterdam Arena.

The message for 2012 is to unite with the world, where community is the most powerful, gathering everybody, excluding borders and limits, celebrating being ONE. 2012 line-up for Sensation White Amsterdam is very special and highly awaited – the show will start with Mr. White, after whom Dennis Ferrer, Mark Knight, The Man with no Shadow, Riva Starr and the last, but not least Hardwell, will perform on the stage of the most important electronic music celebration of the year.
The entrance conditions are the same as in all the other countries where Sensation White is organized – white dress code, you must be at least 18. You are allowed to take your camera with you, as long as it isn’t a proffessional one. Dangerous objects or devices are also forbidden. Like the previous years, the organization is very good – taxis are available to and from the event location. You can gather with other people and join the same taxi – it will be cheaper this way.
Don’t miss this event, the setting, sound, atmosphere, music and people – all are part of the magic world Sensation White 2012 Amsterdam – A Source of Light manages to offer to all electronic music enthusiasts. Have fun!

Sensation White 2012 Amsterdam - Source
Sensation White 2012 Amsterdam – Source

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