Say Goodbye to 6 Exotic Beaches

Already on vacation in an exotic, gorgeous place? If so, take as many photos of the beach you’re sunbathing on … you might probably see it completely different next year, if you are to return there. Not because you as a tourist did not enjoy it at all, but because you might not find even a small place for your towel. This is very likely in case of six worldwide beaches on their way to disappearance because of the increasing sea level, which leads to serious erosion, or whether to the construction of new buildings, such as casinos, business centers and many more. It’s a sad story, you probably say, but see how these extraordinary, unique beaches are living their last days.

1. The Maldives Beach
The Maldives beach, although exotic for very many tourists is affected by the increasing sea level, which reached the shore. According to the scientists, the Maldives beach won’t be seen after the end of the century anymore because the sea level is about four feet high, on average/ year.

Maldives Beach - Source
Maldives Beach – Source

2. Goa Beach, India
Another beach in peril is Goa from India. This beautiful place, with a length of over 4,300 miles, is “harmed” by the increasing sea levels, as well, facing erosion, as well as the construction of numerous harbours. However, despite these facts, if you still are interested in seeing this place, then head to beaches such as Velsao, Cansaulim, Utorda, and Miramar, which are not subject to erosion yet.
Goa Beach, India - Source
Goa Beach, India – Source

3. Phu Quoc Beach, Vietnam
This beach is subject to the construction of airports, casinos and business finance hubs. Inhabitants are worried about the increasing number of tourists, who will be likely to come in the future, spoiling the silent tourism nowadays.
Phu Quoc Beach, Vietnam - Source
Phu Quoc Beach, Vietnam – Source

4. Saugatuck Dunes Beach, Michigan
A future peril for this area will endanger the beach because of the construction of a parcel of beachfront just outside the gates of Saugatuck Dunes State Park. So, the paradise, not far from Chicago, will be completely different, although it used to look the same for more than two centuries. However, the beach is a must for tourists in search of exotic beaches, so you should not skip the Sea Suites Boat & Breakfast, an inn located on a 105-foot houseboat docked right outside town.
Saugatuck Dunes Beach, Michigan - Source
Saugatuck Dunes Beach, Michigan – Source

5. Morocco Beach
Have you ever thought that not only increasing sea levels set beaches into peril, but also stealing sand and carrying it into another place is alarming. This way, in just a short period of time, sand will disappear grain by grain …
Morocco Beach - Source
Morocco Beach – Source

6. Mullins Bay Beach, Barbados
Although the greatest enemy for worldwide exotic beaches is the erosion caused by water, on Mullins Bay Beach in Barbados things are completely different because here despite the protection of local authorities against erosion, the construction of seawalls and groins is to be faced more powerfully than anything else.
Mullins Bay Beach, Barbados - Source
Mullins Bay Beach, Barbados – Source

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