Queer Cathedral in Spain Made From Salvaged Materials

Don’t you think this is possible? Yes, you read exactly – a cathedral built from trash is being built in Spain by architect Don Justo Gallego Martinez, who almost constructed it with his own hands. This huge church is very originally projected, using trash and donated materials.  However, it might sound surprising but the architect has never used sketches in order to plan the building structure.  Moreover, he hasn’t any studies related to projecting constructions. Madrid is famous now for this type of building, too.  St. Peter Cathedral occupies around 8,000 square meters in the neighborhood from Madrid, in a village called Mejorada del Campo. The roof, which isn’t complete, consists of bricks and tiles.

Cathedral Made from Trash in Spain
Cathedral Made from Trash in Spain

The columns were formed from discarded oil drums. Local authorities in Madrid allowed Don Justo build this grand cathedral without any permit. The ecological church, taking into account the fact that it is made from recycled materials, is about 130 feet tall. After the cathedral is completed, its architect, Don Justo, hopes this will be a very popular place to worship. The story of this “Made of trash” cathedral starts long time before, when Don Justo was living in a monastery and his sickness, tuberculosis, forced him to leave. While he was sick, he prayed to the Lady of the Pillar, whom he honored after his recovery. Afterwards, this became a promise to honor her name through this cathedral.

Huge Church in Spain Made from Salvaged Materials
Huge Church in Spain Made from Salvaged Materials

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