Pueblito de los Dominicos

Post written by Kate Robinson.
Many travelers tend to forget about Chile when visiting South America. I often travel to Santiago, the capital, to visit family there. I would encourage any backpacker or tourist in South America to book flights and discover this city because it is the main gateway to Chile, which is a country with beautiful landscapes, scenery and tourist attractions. My favourite place to pick up souvenirs of Chile is the Pueblito de los Dominicos in Santiago. The name is translated as Dominicos Town and it is a charming reconstruction of what a Chilean town was like many years ago. In fact, the old unpaved paths and earthy smell are a breath of fresh air in this city. Not only is it great for presents, but there are also coffee shops and it is definitely a nice place to go for an outing.
At the entrance there is a type of open air pet shop where you can purchase animals. If you are on holidays in the city, this is a nice attraction which is sure to keep the little ones entertained. My nephew loved seeing the puppies and kittens. As you follow the path you will pass by lots of little shops where you can purchase some of the most popular souvenirs. Here is a list of some of them:-
1. All things copper: pots, pans, jewellery, ornaments.
2. Lapis lazuli: a rare stone, famous for its intense blue colour. Here you will find earrings, necklaces, bracelets and lots of other things made of Lapis lazuli.
3. Leather: belts, wallets, handbags, placemats, coasters.
4. Greda: kitchen utensils made of clay.
5. Magnets
6. T-shirts
7. Ponchos

The Pueblito de los Dominicos is located in Las Condes neighbourhood of Santiago. To get there, you should take line one of the city metro (the red line) and get off at Los Dominicos station. When you get out of the metro you will see the copper domes of San Vicente Ferrer de Apoquindo Church which is located beside the town.

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