Prices in Red Light District, Amsterdam

Red Light District in Amsterdam is one of the hottest spots in the capital of Holland, because it draws annually thousands of tourists, both men and women, curious to see and some, experience the wide range of phisycal pleasures this area provides.  The district is crammed with buildings, which have at the basement floor and at the first floor, where beautiful girls, minimally dressed, try to attract the passers-by. However, there are not very many willing to try what is being offered there. In Holland, prostitution is legal and it offers many services such as escort services, brothels, custom clubs. The price visitors have to pay is something debatable.

Girls in Red Light District
Girls in Red Light District

The price for the service provided by the girls in Red Light District can vary, depending on where the girls is situated, as well as how good she looks. Visitors will see very many types of girls so there is each for each taste. The most important thing for the ones willing to feel this pleasure closer is that in exchange for an amount of €50 one can spend 15 to 20 minutes next to a girl who will satisfy you with her best techniques. Nudeness may cost extra in some cases. Moreover, kissing on the lips may cost you extra as well. If you decide to spend one hour together with a prostitute in Red Light District then prepare yourself to spend at least €150.

Anything you want to do must be discussed in advance, before paying the fee. For instance, a striptease show is not mandatory included in the price so this is something to be settled prior. The girls in Red Light District come from all parts of the world, for instance, Europe, Asia, Latin America. However, there are also special offers even here, where you can get a discount if you choose two prostitutes instead of one. There is also a time interval when customers have to pay a higher price, that is €80 from 11 PM to 2 AM.

Prices in Red Light District, Amsterdam
Prices in Red Light District, Amsterdam

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  1. Marc says:

    Fair description. Maybe your readers would appreciate an insight into what happens behind the closed curtain.

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