Prague Red Light (Perlovka), Czech Republic

When it comes to night life, Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg, Prague are just some of the places where one can enjoy a special night out. Prague Red Light District is a famous brothel in Europe.Perlovka” the district of pleasures in Prague is not an area full with clubs, but girls waiting and selling themselves outside. However, this is illegal. But, if you still want to stop by, go to some strip club they are all around the city even in the historic district. Taxi drivers and hotel doormen lead tourists to the well-trodden big name brothels – with aging hookers inside, these tourist trap brothels typically overcharge Prague newcomers for less than desirable women. But there is another side to the Prague Red Light District, as every Prague insider knows.

Prague Red Light District, Czech Republic (Perlovka)
Prague Red Light District, Czech Republic (Perlovka)
Going to a brothel in the city of Prague is very tricky – either a good choice or a stay away one – every place is unique. There are many tourists that spent money on ‘nothing’, that is they were the most expensive and unfulfilling nights out. One can feel pleasure with a girl for about $75, which is thought to be a bargain there. It is known the fact that Ukrainian and Russian girls offer their tight bodies for a few dollars in these places. There is something for everyone here, girls here are for sale on the cheap. Ve Smeckach is the centre of the strip club (cabaret) area with two major clubs in that road plus three sport bars. If you stay in the street you’ll have no problems. The problems come if you are staggering around Wenceslas Square on your own.

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