Planking = Successful Death

Although it is not a 100% traveling worldwide topic, planking has become an increasing global trend nowadays among youngsters. But what this planking trend really means, it’s not a fact known by very many people. Planking is the way to death, or, a very possible one if you take it into serious. Maybe recent news about planking have gone by your ears – a man died in Australia after having “planked”. This Internet trend is, unfortunately, becoming more and more popular. But what exactly is planking, who does this, what does planking consist of? Basically, planking means lying face down in a public place (if this is an awkward one, the better) and then posting the photos taken on social network websites. This way, people add comments and so on, you become a popular figure. People claim that planking is absolutely neccesary to be made lying down “Because it’s utterly ridiculous, If you go on holiday, you take a photo of yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We thought it would be hilarious if you’re not interested and lying down instead.” The term of “planking” originates from Australia and it thought to have been invented in 2008. But planking means also sure death because some teenagers tried lying the face down on the edge of the balcony.

Man Planking
Man Planking

Planking on the Basketball - A Very Popular Internet Trend in Australia
Planking on the Basketball – A Very Popular Internet Trend in Australia

Planking Internet Trend
Planking Internet Trend

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