“My name is …” or “Where can I…” or in Other words, Phrases to Know when Travelling Abroad

Traveling abroad for the first time and not only is a unique experience, with ups and downs. But when you make up your list of things to take with you don’t forget to add a guide of foreign expressions and words you might probably need when traveling abroad. However, before taking this guide with you, it’s advisable to bear in mind some of the most important phrases you might be in the situation to use abroad. Emergency situations or cases when you want to ask for directions or price information might prove difficult in a non-English speaking country. Therefore, some of the most helpful phrases when traveling are:

1. My name is __________.
2. Do you speak English?
3. How much does this cost?
4. Where can I get a bus/taxi?
5. My blood type is ______.
6. I’m allergic to _______.
7. I need help.
8. I need a doctor.
9. Please take me to the airport.
10. Where can I get something to eat?
11. Where is the nearest bathroom?
12. Where can I get a train/metro?
When referring to words, most useful are “Airport”, “Baggage”, “Bathroom”, “Doctor”, “Emergency”, “Hotel”, “Eat/Food”, “Medicine”, “Money”, “Police”, “Telephone”.
You should take these two lists together with their translation, as well as a handheld computer with integrated dictionary is another very good choice because you can easily forget words in a language you didn’t come across before.

Important Phrases for Travel - Source .bp.blogspot.com
Important Phrases for Travel – Source .bp.blogspot.com

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